Alcohol addiction took everything from him. It almost took his life. If Tony Donovan didn’t get help, alcohol addiction was going to take his life. Reflecting on this time in his life, Tony said, “Drink took everything away from me – it nearly took my life. A few years ago, I had been drinking so heavily that my whole system collapsed. My liver was affected, and I was down to six stone from being on the streets and not eating and just drinking all the time.”

How Did He Get to This Point?

Tony had dreams and aspirations just like everybody else. He said, “When I think back to when I was 18 or so, I had the same ambitions as anyone else – to have a good job in life and to meet a nice girl, get married and settle down, and probably have a few children. But my addiction was to take me on a completely different journey than what I had wished for. I’ve been through hell, I’ve been to hell and back.”

Alcohol addiction took him away from the good jobs and decent life that he led – despite being a heavy drinker. His descent into hell was gradual yet inevitable. Once he lost his last job, he was drinking heavily and living in a cardboard box on the streets of Dublin. It was a nightmarish time for him, and his friends and family gave up all hope of rescuing him.

What Do You Do When You Get to This Low Point in Your Life?

Unlike Tony, people believed that there was no hope for him. Many thought that he would die on the streets. But Tony was not ready to give up hope yet: “But I said there’s no such thing as no hope, and that’s why I went into rehabilitation…” He went to his local rehabilitation charity and found the help that he needed.

Tony went through an intensive detoxification programme and learned to live without the help of alcohol. Slowly he recovered from his alcohol addiction and is finally living a full life helping others find their way back from the claws of addiction.

Here at Liberty House, we help addicted individuals get better as well; we are a professional rehabilitation clinic with fully trained staff and therapists ready to help you combat your alcohol addiction. The first step to take, like Tony, is to admit to having a problem and that you need help. There is always hope, and you can overcome even the most desperate of situations. The next crucial step is to ask for help. Pick up the phone and make that call and ask for the help that you need.

What Does a Rehabilitation Programme Entail?

It isn’t easy to recover from an alcohol addiction. As with any addiction, there is a detoxification period that is followed by intensive therapy and counselling where you will learn new life skills and coping mechanisms so that you can choose not to use alcohol under any circumstances. Our therapists and counsellors are well trained and expertly skilled to guide you through this process. It could take a few weeks of therapy before you are ready to face the outside world again.

Liberty House offers a year’s free aftercare at the conclusion of in-house treatment. This means that you have access to therapists and counsellors for a year after you complete your rehabilitation programme at the clinic at no extra charge. Our reasoning is that those first months are critical to your ongoing recovery and you will need the support and help of our professional staff to stay on track with your rehabilitation. We do this in the hope that our continued support will help prevent you from relapsing before you have really had a chance to make those important changes in your life that you need to make.

How Do I Get Help?

Liberty House is a phone call away. We are available 24/7 and are ready, willing, and waiting to guide you through the process when you call us for assistance. All you need to do is make contact with us. Your recovery from alcohol addiction depends entirely on your determination to stop drinking. Although we offer you world-class therapy and counselling and every other kind of support that you need, nothing will succeed if you do not buy into the programme completely.

Once you have asked for help, the rest is comparatively easy. We will see to it that you get the necessary treatment and support and help you start to build a new life without alcohol as a factor. Help is but a phone call away, so take that first step and walk into the rest of your life clean and sober.

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