A food addiction such as binge eating disorder is one that can pose many health risks to the affected individual, such as obesity, diabetes and heart problems. As the person is so addicted to food, particularly highly palatable foods such as those enriched in salt, sugar and fat, he or she will continue to gorge, even when not feeling hungry. This can have devastating consequences including putting a strain on relationships and making it harder for the individual to do normal day-to-day activities such as walking up the stairs. One woman who knows the effects of a food addiction all too well is Charlene Crawford who struggled for many years; eventually, her weight crept up until she had to wear a size 36. This was when she knew it was time to change.

Unhealthy, Unhappy and Morbidly Obese

Twenty-eight-year-old Charlene Crawford from Victoria, Australia weighed in at a staggering 199 kg and was a size 36; she was unhealthy, unhappy and morbidly obese. However, Charlene has managed to shed an impressive 93 kilogrammes and is now a size 16; she has never been happier. The reason behind Charlene’s incredible weight loss journey was one simple thing – love. While she was at her largest, her partner Luke could not reach his arms around her to give her a hug; since shedding the weight, though, she cannot get enough of the attention she is receiving.

“Being able to feel Luke’s arms around me is like a dream come true. Ever since we first met I’ve been too big for us to cuddle,” Charlene said excitedly. She managed to lose the weight in just twelve months after realising that it was putting a strain on her long-term relationship. Charlene was a size 28 when the couple met online in 2008, but as their relationship progressed, she continued to pile on the pounds. At size 36, any form of intimacy in the relationship was long gone. Nevertheless, after having gastric sleeve surgery to overcome her food addiction and lose weight, the pair have been happier than ever, becoming engaged as well. “Being a size 36 at my biggest, his arms couldn’t get around my waist. Since having the surgery and losing 93kg, I’m now a size 16, and he can easily get his arms around me. It’s amazing to share such a basic connection together and reminds me of exactly how far I’ve come.”

Weight Became a Problem

Speaking of her love of junk food, Charlene admitted that she could not have lost the weight without the help of the surgery. She said, “Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved junk food. From the age of five, I started getting migraines, and I used food to help me cope. When I was sad or in pain, I’d turn to my favourite chips, lollies and chocolate. As I got older, I was often bedridden by my migraines and started eating junk morning, noon and night. Naturally, it affected my weight, and by the time I met Luke in an online chatroom in 2008, I was a size 28.”

Her weight really became a problem when it got in the way of the couple doing activities outside the house. She said, “Luke can eat whatever he wants, and he wouldn’t put on a pound. So he’d find it really frustrating that I couldn’t join him on romantic walks along the beach or go away on holiday together. The one time I went away to the Gold Coast with my mum, I had to buy two plane seats and struggled immensely in the heat. We loved each other dearly, but while I was morbidly obese, it was hard to be together.”


Charlene knew that she needed to do something about her weight after her holiday. She said, “Having to use a belt extender and sit across two seats was the final straw for me. It was so humiliating, and I vowed never to get on a plane again. But back home, I realised how much my weight was restricting not just my life, but Luke’s too.”

Her doctor recommended her to a specialist, who would go on to perform the gastric sleeve operation that would probably save Charlene’s life. “I remember feeling really scared and on the day of the surgery I wanted to back out. But I knew this was the only way I’d ever beat my food addiction. I could easily eat Macca’s [McDonald’s] for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I hated that about myself. I wanted to change and get my life back.”

So Special

The procedure involved removing part of Charlene’s stomach; once she had recovered and changed her diet, she noticed that she was losing around 6 kg every week, which motivated her even more to keep going. She said, “I’m really happy with how much weight I’ve lost and having my life back. The first time Luke was able to get his arms around me, we both started crying and even took a photo in a mirror to capture the moment. It was so special. My migraines have also completely vanished.”

Overcoming Your Food Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with a food addiction and you are unsure of what steps to take next, then reach out to us here at Liberty House. We can help anyone struggling with a food addiction and have many treatments and options that we can take to ensure that the individual successfully overcomes their addiction and goes on to live a healthier and happier life. If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us today and we would be more than happy to help.


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