People often assume that a food addiction is simply a generic term for someone who has a big appetite; however, this is a misconception and an addiction to food is all too real. There are many reasons someone would turn to food – as a comfort blanket, when they are upset, when they are happy, or even just because they don’t know when to stop.

This addiction can have detrimental consequences for the affected individual as it can result in them gaining a huge amount of weight in a short time, which in itself can then lead to a host of health issues including obesity and heart disease. Absolutely anyone can be affected by a food addiction. And when we say anyone, we literally mean anybody; the Duchess of York has recently revealed that she struggled with an addiction to food for many years.

Odd Combination

Nevertheless, once she overcame it, she managed to lose more than three stone, keeping it off for nearly three years. She explained that the ‘secret’ behind her incredible weight loss is an odd combination of mandarins, tomatoes and egg mayonnaise; she says this is the diet that ‘works for her’.

Turned to Food for Comfort

The Duchess admitted that she turned to food for comfort as a child when her parents were going through a divorce. This soon became an addiction that followed her into her adult years. She said, “I became obsessed with food. Luckily it was food and not any other addiction. That was very lucky. One therapist told me ‘The size of your bottom has saved your life.’ And it’s very true. Thank heavens for that.”

Strict Fitness Programmes

The Duchess was a Weight Watchers spokesperson at one point and has also taken part in a series of strict fitness programmes in the Swiss Alps. This is where she spends much of her free time – participating in activities such as hiking and running. She also spoke about her daughter Princess Beatrice’s recent relationship breakdown; she described her daughter’s ex-partner, Dave Clark, as a ‘good boy’, adding, “It’s ten years since she was eighteen and they first got together, so now she’s living. It’s kind of fun. She called and said ‘Now what do I do mum?’ She’s never been dating. But I’m happy for her that she’s starting a new journey.”

Enough was Enough

On her weight issues, the Duchess said that she initially decided that enough was enough when she stepped on the scales and they showed her weight to be just 6lb lighter than when she was pregnant with Beatrice. She explained to Hello magazine that she had ‘ballooned’ to 13st 10lb and that she was devastated but knew she needed to act upon it, and that’s just what she did.


Many people are sceptical about food addictions and think that this is just an excuse to overeat; nevertheless, most of these people have had little or no experience with addiction themselves. A food addiction is just as powerful as any other addiction and can totally consume the life of the individual, without this person even realising.

This kind of addiction can also impact the loved ones of the addict as well. Once addicted, all the affected individual can think about is food, which can put a strain on once stable relationships. The ones who are closest to the addict will be the most affected by it, and it can cause relationships to deteriorate as a result. It can be frustrating for loved ones to witness the individual struggling with a food addiction. They will know just how destructive this addiction can be, whereas the addict will often not realise the full extent of the damage that could be caused.

Fully Supported

Overcoming a food addiction can be extremely challenging, especially if you are not even sure how you got there in the first place. Many individuals feel embarrassed about their addiction, but there is no shame in being affected by a food addiction. Liberty House can assure you that you will be fully supported and never judged should you decide to use us for your addiction treatment.

Our friendly and welcoming staff want nothing more than for you to overcome your addiction and move on to lead a happy and healthy life. If you are worried about yourself or a loved one and feel there is an issue with food addiction, contact us today for information about how we can help.

Source: Tomatoes, mandarins… and mayonnaise! Fergie reveals the secret combination of foods behind her three-stone weight loss (Daily Mail)