As many affected individuals know, an alcohol addiction is one that can totally consume a person and turn him or her into a shell of their former self. It has the ability to do this as alcohol used unwisely is an incredibly powerful and destructive substance that can have an adverse effect on nearly every cell in the human body. This does not seem to be enough to dissuade some people from abusing it, as evidenced by the millions of people around the UK and across the rest of the world that continue to drink alcohol excessively, even after hearing of the devastating potential risks that come with it.

For affected individuals, facing an alcohol problem alone can prove extremely difficult. Many try and fail to cut back or quit without success, often many times; this is the sure-fire sign that these people need support in their efforts to quit.

Spotting the Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

There are many signs and symptoms associated with alcohol abuse. While the following are not concrete evidence that one is an addict, they certainly provide some indication. Some of the symptoms are:

  • slurred speech
  • bloodshot eyes
  • lack of energy and motivation
  • mood swings
  • confusion and memory problems
  • disorientation and drowsiness.

Many affected individuals will choose to ignore these symptoms simply because of the buzz and feel-good factor they get while being under the influence of alcohol. Many will decide to keep drinking in order to avoid any adverse side effects altogether; this can eventually result in alcohol addiction, though. The intensity of the symptoms can vary and depend on the general health and well-being of the affected individual as well as the volume of alcohol that has been consumed.

Why Some Alcoholics Refuse Help

It is common for alcoholics to feel a perceived sense of ‘weakness’ at the thought of having to accept help. This has to do with the denial of addiction. Many addicts are also confused about what they actually want. For example, some may feel that they want to work towards recovery, but at the same time not being ready to give up the alcohol. Therefore, lots of these individuals will feel resistant to the notion of receiving support for their addiction.

For many addicts, asking for help can seem like too much of a commitment, so they will come up with excuses so as not to have to commit. It is a form of denial that means they will not see anything wrong with making these excuses.

Getting Help with Alcoholism

All hope is not lost for those looking to give up their alcohol problem for good, as there are plenty of resources available to help. The amount of support one needs will depend on a few factors, including the severity and duration of the addiction, the type of addiction, and even the affected person’s character. As well as this, it is important to remember that no single method of recovery will work for everyone.

But seeking professional help and advice is a must to set out on a recovery path with the right intentions. It is common for those with alcoholism to seriously underestimate the level of support they require. Many disregard the fact that they are actually suffering from a potentially life-threatening illness.

Rehab for Addiction

One of the most common and most effective options for overcoming alcoholism or any other addiction is through rehab, especially inpatient rehab. The benefit of this is that the affected individual will be in an environment that is centred on recovery. Rehab typically involves an intensive plan that allows the addict to learn the skills needed to live a life free of alcohol while providing them with the tools required to live the rest of their life alcohol- or drug-free.

Many people dismiss the idea believing that they do not have a serious problem with their drinking. Nevertheless, this is wrong as rehab could be the one thing that will aid them on their journey to recovery. It has proved successful for countless people across the country. With the correct help and support, anyone can beat an addiction and move on to a journey of recovery.

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