Group Therapy in Addiction Rehab

“ The thought of Group Therapy terrified me, I’ve struggled all my life to open up to others, for fear of being judged or looking stupid. I’m grateful for the experience now as found it so helpful and everyone understood how I thought and felt.  I no longer feel alone.”

Liberty House believes in the power of group therapy, as it has been proven as a successful treatment in its own right. Group therapy can be used to deliver a number of addiction treatment modalities; it allows for flexibility according to the individuals and the dynamic within the group.

In the last days of active addiction, many find themselves feeling incredibly isolated and alone. This is entirely of their own creating, as they push family members and friends to the brink of despair and withdrawal.  Some individuals are so placed, that they purposely withdraw from society.  The curtains are shut, the phone goes unanswered and the only time they venture out is to buy their next drink, drug or to engage in a compulsive behaviour.  They are all alone in the very small and crippling world of addiction.

Isolation enables addiction, so it is important that this is broken immediately. Many fear group therapy, as they are terrified of being challenged or asked to talk openly in front of others.  The reality of group therapy is that it is a very loving and supportive environment.  The individual is immediately relieved of their sense of being the only one with their kind of problem.  They soon learn that everyone in the room will have had similar thoughts and experiences to themselves.  On that footing, an instant common ground and unspoken bond is formed between peers

How Group Therapy Works

As the name suggests, group therapy is a treatment modality that is delivered to clients in a group setting with a qualified counsellor or therapist present. It allows for flexibility for a number of therapeutic interventions; such as Process group, Goals group, 12 Step Treatment, Music and Art Therapy, Meditation, CBT and Psychotherapy.

The group therapy session is usually conducted in a bright, spacious and airy room. Each Group therapy session usually lasts for approximately 1 hour.  With a qualified therapist conducting the session, clients will be provided with the opportunity to feed and receive back input from their peers. The therapist will ensure that the session stays focused and within the boundaries of the therapeutic goals at all times.

Benefits of Group Therapy

There are many benefits to Group Therapy. Patients will soon come to bond with their peers and value their input and perspective.  Peer input can be extremely powerful, as a number of different views can assist the individual in seeing the truth and in accepting responsibility for their problems.  It is also helpful in in finding and applying an effective solution.  Other benefits of Group therapy include:

  • Effectively breaks down barriers in the individual and assists in forming a positive bond with their peers
  • Affirms a sense of trust and unity within the group
  • Challenges negative and untrue beliefs and thoughts
  • Provides inspiration for the individual as they witness those further ahead in treatment change and grow
  • Affirms that communicating with others is a very positive thing in recovery
  • Improves compassion and empathy and limits self pity
  • Assists the individual in helping and supporting others
  • Provides an opportunity to resonate with and learn from others experiences
  • Improves self-worth as their input becomes valued by their peers
  • Helps break the pattern of isolation and bottling up thoughts and feelings
  • Fosters the belief that being vulnerable in front of others in their emotions is not a bad thing and they will not be judged for it
  • Helps the individual to realise that they are not alone any more in addiction or in recovery

Addiction treatment using Group therapy

Liberty House deliver a number of proven and cutting edge addiction treatments within a group therapy environment. The counsellor conducting the session will ensure that the group is kept a safe and non-threatening place for all.

Liberty houses addiction and mood disorder treatment program consists of the following therapies that are delivered within a group therapy environment:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

By challenging and changing negative and unhelpful thought patterns in a group environment, CBT is proven to be an extremely successful treatment for alcohol, drug addiction, behavioural and mood disorders.  By listening to the experiences and thought patterns presented by their peers, the patient is able to identify similar and incorrect thinking in themself. CBT is a type of Psychotherapy that is only delivered by fully qualified Counsellors at Liberty House. As a suggestive therapy, patients are more receptive to taking on a different and more helpful perspective and in finding their own solutions. The Counsellor or therapist present, in a loving and non-threatening way, challenges their thoughts and belief systems.  The group therapy environment allows for discussion and sharing of similar and relevant experiences

Interpersonal Process Group

Process groups are held every morning at Liberty House and led by one or more Counsellors depending on the size of the Group. Process group provides each individual with the space to identify and talk about the emotions and thoughts that’s they are feeling that day.  Often related to the previous day of treatment, they have had time to reflect before sleep.  Any thing that they have not been able to process can be raised within the group, and with the assistance of the Counsellor present and the support of their peers, they can be assisted in finding acceptance or a solution.

Psycho-educational Group

Psycho-educational groups are designed to educate patients on the nature of their illness and to look carefully and with consideration at their own individual consequences.  Through this process, any denial lingering within can be challenged as they learn to accept responsibility for their thoughts and subsequent actions. Examples of Psycho-education groups delivered at Liberty House are: Relapse Prevention, 12 Step education, Life skills, Mind, Body and Spirit, Dealing with Emotions and Substance Misuse and Addiction.

Goals Group

Goals group gives the group, from their observations, an opportunity to set a goal or change in behaviour for each individual.  With a Counsellor or therapist conducting the session, the goal will be kept safe,  realistic and achievable with the support of the clinical team and their peers.

Liberty House offers Group therapy as a successful intervention in treating a number of addictions, substance abuse and behavioural related compulsive illnesses. If you have any further questions regarding Liberty Houses treatment program, or wish to speak to a member of our therapeutic team, please contact us directly

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