Are you of a loved one suffering with addiction and want to discuss an intervention? If so, UKAT are dedicated to helping you achieve a permanent addiction-free life. All our staff are in recovery from a range of addictions and most have been through rehab themselves. Furthermore our 160 nationwide beds & rehabs are best-in-class, CQC regulated and we have a range of multi-cost options to suit your budget, with 1yr free aftercare as standard.

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Intervention Benefits

  1. Over 90% success rate for rehab admission
  2. Significantly increase the speed of rehab admission
  3. Professional guidance through the recovery process
  4. Medical and psychological support
  5. Encourage family members to share their POV

The Intervention Process

Before the intervention, those involved should take notes on what they want to say, including:

  • Any changes seen in the addict’s behaviour, personality, or the way they treat others
  • How they personally have been affected by these changes
  • How they feel the relationship between them and the addict has changed as a result
  • The positive effects the treatment will have upon the addict’s life
  • That they love the addict and will no longer play part in any continued self-destruction

After this, the people who will participate need to go through training with the interventionist, so that all emotions which could obstruct the process are removed. Once this has been realised, the intervention itself can be actioned.

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