A Guide To Alcohol And Drug Detox And Rehab In Rutland

With a population of about 39,000, Rutland is a landlocked county located in England’s East Midlands. With bordering counties like Lincolnshire and Leicestershire, residents have no shortage of addiction treatment options, as they can access treatment within the county or in the neighbouring ones. Rutland itself has a selection of rehabs, and other addiction treatment options, which you or a loved one can benefit from.

Undoubtedly, it’s good news that you can access treatment close to you, because addiction treatment must not be delayed. Having accessible support becomes particularly important when you cannot afford to leave work, or other responsibilities, for a long time in order to seek treatment. With a reliable outpatient treatment programme close to your home, office or school, accessing treatment becomes less of a burden.

Services Offered by Liberty House Clinic

Liberty House is an inpatient addiction treatment facility located in Luton. Every member of our workforce believes that you deserve every possible opportunity to recover from addiction in a comfortable and safe environment, regardless of where you might be. Our facilities have been designed to fulfill this exact purpose. We provide:

  • Comfortable bedrooms to help you feel as safe and secure as you would at home
  • An ideally situated facility with nearby sports facilities, and a building that overlooks a lush, green park
  • Easy access, as our facility is located close to the town centre, as well as a number of transport links
  • A fully furnished alcohol and drug detox and rehab facility
  • Experienced staff
  • One year free aftercare
  • Immediate admission in as little as 24 hours

Liberty House is approximately 80 miles from Rutland. You don’t have to bother too much about transportation because we offer sober transportation to take you to and from our facility, whenever you are ready.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab


  • Immediate admission to a safe and nurturing environment
  • Medical detox with 24/7 care & support
  • Overcome the root causes of addiction
  • Experienced team of doctors & therapists
  • Personalised rehabilitation programme
  • Look, feel, sleep better & regain confidence
  • Learn techniques for relapse prevention
  • 1 year complimentary aftercare support

The cons
• Price can be a barrier which needs to be weighed up versus the long-term cost of drug and alcohol abuse
• Being away from friends and family which at first can be emotionally challenging

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Rutland?

Detox and rehab starts from £834 to £2,750 per week depending on treatment length and clinic

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Rutland

Support groups are another free option you might want to explore. Support groups are usually non-profit organisations comprised of individuals who meet regularly, in order to overcome their addiction and help others do the same. You might have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, both of which are support groups. These follow the 12-step model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, but are not the only options available.

The NHS does not manage any rehab facilities, like how a private rehab is run. Rather, they may refer patients to partner rehabs and provide the funding required for the patient’s treatment. While NHS treatment won’t cost you money, it will cost you time, because there are often long waiting lists, due to the high demand for their services. Besides inpatient treatment, the NHS offers outpatient treatment which your GP can refer you to.

Addiction Support Groups in Rutland

Support groups have been solely responsible for the turnaround in some people’s lives, helping them get their lives back together after having been dragged down into the depths by the effects of addiction. These groups can be used in combination with other treatment programmes in order to ensure a more effective treatment plan. For instance, you can participate in support group meetings as you detox on an outpatient basis.

NA meetings in/near Rutland

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a non-profit organisation comprising various individuals from different walks of life, who are in recovery from narcotics addiction.

It is a programme that promotes complete abstinence from all drugs and there are regular meetings in and around Rutland which anyone in recovery can attend.

AA meetings in/near Rutland

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a non-profit organisation comprising various individuals from different walks of life, who are in recovery from alcoholism.

It is a programme that promotes complete abstinence from alcohol and there are regular meetings in and around Rutland which anyone in recovery can attend.

Addiction Counselling in/near Rutland

The NHS offers treatment programmes in and around Rutland, which may include counselling services. The best way to access these services is to go through your GP, who may refer you to a specialist. Another option is to refer yourself to Turning Point, located in the nearby county of Leicestershire. Their catchment areas include Rutland, so you can get the help you need by calling them on 0330 303 6000 or visiting 2 Eldon St, Leicestershire.

Local Government Addiction Resources in Rutland

You can reach out to the Rutland Community Wellbeing Service for support and advice. They can also refer you for other help, if required. The service may be reached via phone on 01572 725805 or via email info@rutlandrap.or.uk.

For updates on what help may be available in Rutland for addiction, keep an eye on the Rutland County Council website

How Can I Get To and From Rutland?

From London, Rutland is about 3 hours and 10 minutes away by car via the A1(M). It’s about the same if you take the M11 instead, but you’ll want to avoid this route during rush hour due to traffic congestion.

If you’re driving from Rutland to Turning Point in Leicestershire, the journey should only take about an hour or less if you take the A47 instead of Oakham Rd. through Hambleton, Manton, Billesdon, and Thurnby. The journey from Oakham railway station will only take about 45 minutes to Leicester Railway Station, which is a 10-minute drive past Leicestershire Islamic Centre and Altro Mondo to 2 Eldon St, where Turning Point is located.

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