In many cases, when an individual commits to overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, he or she will need to go through various treatment programs to actually beat their illness once and for all. Not every treatment will work for every person, so there is a chance that the addict will have to try a few different approaches before hitting on the right one for them. Unfortunately, some addicts will try one treatment program, and if this does not necessarily benefit them, they will give up straight away and never reach their goal of becoming sober.

Here at Liberty House Clinic, we know that when an individual sticks with a programme, he or she will be able to overcome their addiction once and for all. Even those with the most severe addictions will manage to beat it if they have the right support and care. We are committed to helping people overcome their drug and alcohol addiction and we know that many other organisations are the same.


Scottish addiction recovery charity Teen Challenge North East Scotland is coming extremely close to reaching its £535,000 target so the charity can purchase the Benaiah recovery centre for women and children. The charity currently rents this property and would like to buy it to give its patients an even better chance at a successful recovery. Rather impressively, just two years into the five-year campaign, the charity has raised almost eighty per cent of its total target; this suggests that they will be able to go ahead with their plans of purchasing the Benaiah centre years before they actually thought it would be possible.

Really Encouraging

Support worker Paul Beaton explained, “The highlight for us of 2016 is the Buy Benaiah campaign. It’s going really well. The new fundraising total for the Buy Benaiah campaign is £424,240 – that’s 79% of the £535,000 target. But there is still a fair amount of money to be raised and a lot of hard work to do. What’s been really encouraging is the people that have really thrown their weight behind the campaign. The community has really thrown its weight behind it.”

The Benaiah Centre is located near Mintlaw and provides addicted mothers with the chance to remain with their children while they go through various treatment programs. This is important as many mothers will refuse to seek assistance with a drug or alcohol addiction for fear that their children would be taken away from them – even if this is only temporary – while they go through a treatment program to overcome their addiction.

Great Atmosphere

“It’s very successful for those that come in and stay. It’s about coming out into the countryside away from the hustle and bustle and working on their issues. It’s all based on Christian principles. And you’ve got the counselling sessions and work duties. For those that do go through and apply themselves – it is very successful particularly compared to other forms of addition recovery. It’s a great atmosphere, and there’s a great spirit in both centres. There’s a lot of laughter, but there’s got to be a disciplined element as well,” said Paul.

Lasting Freedom

The Benaiah centre currently has six women following treatment programs; however, there is a long waiting list to get in, as many addicted mothers would love the chance to stay with their children during recovery. According to Paul, the Benaiah centre has assisted approximately 100 women since its opening in 2009, while Teen Challenge’s other centre, Sunnybrae, had helped around 400 people successfully overcome their addiction since its opening in 2003. Paul went on to say, “We help them to really find lasting freedom from their issues. The need is as great as ever. The north-east of Scotland has been particularly hit hard with drug abuse. In many ways, our ideal scenario is that we wouldn’t be here and there wouldn’t be a need for us. But the need is there, and there are some really sad stories with people’s lives being decimated.”

Generous and Caring Individual

Gordon Cruden, the area manager for the campaign, has taken part in many challenges to support vulnerable people in his time, including a homeless challenge which involved him sleeping on the streets for a whole month to really appreciate what it is like for the individuals who have to do this every day. He also took on a personal challenge where he visited every state in the US, covering more than 5,000 miles, on his motorbike in 28 days. The charity feels privileged to have such a generous and caring person as an area manager of theirs.

Overcoming Your Addiction

There are many charities providing help for those with addiction across the UK, but one of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that there tends to be a waiting list with this type of treatment. Here at Liberty House, we offer excellent treatment programmes for those with a drug or alcohol addiction. Our programmes can be accessed quickly and easily; all you need to do is give us a call now for more information about how we can help.

Source: North-East Addiction Recovery Charity Makes Major Strides in Raising Funds to Buy Base (Evening Express)