Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is vital to ongoing and permanent recovery in any addict.  Liberty House therefore recommend that you consider a full rehabilitation program as oppose to just a detox.

Many addicts, and their families, wrongly assume that the drug is the problem and that once it has been removed all will be okay.  In the vast majority of cases a detox alone will lead to relapse.  As addiction and alcoholism are progressive illnesses, the individual could end up in a worse state that they were before they received the initial detox.

Our experience shows that there are no quick fixes to treating someone with a drug or alcohol addiction and that as a chronic illness, a detox alone is rarely sufficient.

Drug and Alcohol detox, put simply, is the process by which the substance or substances are removed from the body.  Essentially giving the body a reset button once fully restored to physical health.  Without a rehabilitation program, nothing has actually changed, except for the fact that the drug or drugs have been temporarily taken out of the equation.

Alcoholics and Drug addicts drink and use essentially for the effect, and to overcome a compulsion so strong that it over rides any other thought process.  Once they have started drinking and /or using they struggle to moderate and stop.  Unless they undergo a complete change in their thinking, there is little chance of their recovery as their thinking is the driving force behind the addiction. It is highly likely, that without a full drug rehab program, that they will again pick up a drink or drug.

What is Drug Rehab?

The rehabilitation process really starts once the individual is completely free from substances and/or their destructive behaviours.  They then have a better chance of accepting and engaging in the treatment process. Whilst detoxing, it is likely they will suffer some withdrawal effects and their thinking will be clouded and dominated by this.  This means that therapeutic measures are not of maximum benefit during this process. If the individual has been suffering from a behavioural disorder or addiction, a period in rehab can also assist in breaking the pattern and compulsion, but again a longer-term stay should be considered if the individual is to rehabilitate and not relapse.

The length of time it can take an individual to rehabilitate from an addiction or disorder can vary and will be dependent on a number of considerations and contributing factors.  Each person is different, has different issues to deal with and different levels of concentration and willingness to engage.  Liberty House counsellors and staff may well recommend an initial duration for detoxification and rehabilitation, but this may change if the individual suffers complications or does not respond as initially hoped.  This being the case, Liberty House staff may recommend and extended period in treatment.

Types of Drug rehab

Each patient undergoes his or her own individualised rehabilitation program. This is completely personalised to take into account every aspect of their condition. Some patients require an initial medical detox and some do not. Where there is a substance addiction, their detox will be the first part of their treatment plan. A full and comprehensive treatment plan will be devised by staff, based on the individuals specific addiction, mental health, physical health, trauma, home situation, behaviours and any other highlighted issues that may impact on their ability to recover.  This is continually reviewed throughout treatment and adjusted accordingly when needed. Please refer to our other sections of “ Our rehab program” for a comprehensive list of treatments offered at Liberty House

There are two main types of residential drug rehab:

Quasi Residential

This is where the individual will attend a clinic in the day to receive their treatment and therapy, and in the evenings will stay over night in a sober living house.  Some Quasi Residential clinics will have a member of staff stay over in case of any issues or problems, others will have an on call support worker whom the patients can contact incase of an emergency or problem.  There is a higher risk of the client not completing this type of drug rehab, as there are times when they are left unsupervised.  This can result in patients colluding with one another, which in turn has a detrimental effect on their recovery. They are also expected to cook for themselves in the evenings and take responsibility for cleaning and household chores. Some of the more physically and mentally unwell patients may not thrive in this environment but it does tend to be a cheaper option in some cases

Fully Residential

This is where the patient stays in the drug rehab facility the whole time. They receive their medication, treatment, meals and sleep in the one clinic. They are fully supervised around the clock and medical assistance is on hand 24/7.  Liberty House is fully residential: all meals, cleaning and washing is provided.  The client’s physical needs are fully met in order that they can recuperate and concentrate on their recovery.  Patients are monitored continually and during the night we have waking staff that are alert and ready to respond and support at any time of the night. Liberty House also has built in CCTV throughout the clinic, which is continually monitored by the office staff.  This means there is very little chance of patients colluding or stepping outside the terms of their treatment contract.  This kind of Drug rehab ensures maximum chance of success and completion of treatment.  Fully Residential is a far more secure environment and suitable for all patients

Liberty House Drug Rehab Programs

At Liberty House our primary care drug rehab programs can run up to 3 months, the optimum treatment program starts at 6-8 weeks, but some clients will benefit from a longer term.  Primary care is the most intensive phase of drug rehab treatment. Clients whom extend beyond the 3 months will still receive the same levels of support and therapy but will be shown how to maintain their program and start implementing it in their daily life.  Liberty House can accommodate a program that is flexible in duration and up to 6 months and beyond if necessary.  We can also help to arrange sober living accommodation locally once treatment has been completed.

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