As part of our ongoing commitment to all clients’ continuous recovery from addiction, Liberty House offers all those that complete treatment a year’s free aftercare. This involves weekly group therapy facilitated by the Therapist that you’ve built a connection with during your stay with us. Rehab aftercare is a vital part of the ongoing recovery process as it helps you to continue their growth and healing post-rehab.

We have seen that those who undergo an entire aftercare programme and continue to engage in fellowship meetings have a far better chance of remaining clean and sober than those who don’t.

Life as a newly sober individual can be daunting and presents many challenges. Aftercare assists in the adjustment period and helps our you implement the tools you learnt in therapy into your home routine.

“Transitioning from rehab, where you’re guided on when to eat, when to meditate and when to sleep, to coping in the real world and its demands (facing debt collectors and other personal problems) is one of the hardest adjustments to make after rehab. It’s important to take the opportunity to get back to the group.”

Simon, Liberty House

Aftercare caring hands

Why is aftercare important?

When an individual first leaves our rehab treatment and returns to their home environment, free from the source of their addiction, they’re likely to feel better, look better, have more self-confidence, and gain a sense of hope toward a brighter future. However, many clients agree that leaving rehab and returning to their routine can make them feel nervous. This is completely normal; rehab provides a temporary sanctuary from life’s stresses, but sooner or later, clients must return to reality, where triggers and temptations can sometimes feel like they’re everywhere. We understand this anxiety, which is why we want to assure clients that your care doesn’t end the moment you leave rehab; our free one-year rehab aftercare service is there to support, encourage and remind you that you’re not alone.

Benefits of attending rehab aftercare

  • Evaluate your progress
  • Learn from the recovery experience of others
  • Receive guidance from a licensed therapist
  • You can offer help and support to others
  • Access to a safe space to open up
  • Reminds you that you are not alone in recovery
  • Receive advice and support
  • Catch up with peers

What to expect from aftercare groups

You can think of rehab aftercare as an extension of the group therapies learned in rehab. It adapts the same principles of the recovery programme: by using several proven treatment modalities that the counsellor is proficient in delivering. Those attending the group sessions will be able to check in and discuss any problems that may concern them in a safe and supported space. Speaking about addiction triggers or temptations, or about adjusting to life post-rehab, around people who can genuinely resonate and emphasise with your experience is powerful. Both the counsellor and your peers will be able to listen and guide you in finding solutions to any problems while offering you encouragement and support – to help you maintain your recovery. You will also be able to support others in their transition back to the real world.

“(Meetings) help bring us all together, we can draw strength from each other’s journey”

Stacey, Liberty House client

We’re committed to your recovery.

We pride ourselves on our continuity of rehab care with our clients. We want to help make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones. If you have any questions about our free aftercare programme, please call and speak with a member of our team who will be happy to discuss with you further.