About us

About Liberty House

At Liberty House, we are proud to offer the best quality treatment for any individual looking to overcome their addiction in a safe and supportive space. Recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as outstanding, our facility has been expertly designed with you in mind, with an exceptional team working tirelessly to help each client get started on the transformative road to a long and lasting recovery.

Our history

First established in 2012, UK Addiction Treatment Centres is a recovery community formed of eight private rehabilitation clinics, dotted in various locations across the UK. As one of these eight centres, Liberty House does UKAT proud by embodying its unique approach to addiction treatment.

Almost every person in our centre, including our founder, has had a personal experience with addiction, navigating a dependence first-hand and overcoming all the challenges associated with this journey. We believe it is exactly this first-hand experience that makes Liberty House so transformative. This way, our residents can feel confident that they are being understood, accessing tailored treatment and support that will resonate with them long after they have left our centre.

Our facility

Liberty House is a spacious, fully furnished rehabilitation facility situated on a peaceful suburban street in Luton. Just outside of London, the location of our centre makes the perfect environment to escape the hustle and bustle of every day, avoiding distractions so all efforts can be turned to the ultimate goal of lasting recovery.

With twenty beds at our residential centre, Liberty House is not impersonal or overwhelming for new clients, but instead radiates a very intimate, friendly atmosphere. In addition, our facility is well-equipped with peaceful communal spaces to unwind and relax, alongside quiet therapy rooms for clients to open up and share during their scheduled activities.

Some of the amenities that are provided at our centre include:

  • Disabled accommodation for those with additional needs.
  • Access to a wide range of nutritionally balanced meals, all prepared by our in-house chef.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the facility.
  • Continuous monitoring by staff members who’ve received specialised training in the field of addiction.

Our treatments

We firmly believe that, of all services offered to residents at a rehab centre, the most fundamental weapon to healing is a fully comprehensive treatment programme. For this reason, we have dedicated time to devising care plans that are both thorough and varied, suited to match all our client’s individual needs. Using the 12-steps and its principles, we combine these methodologies with other holistic therapies and treatments to ensure maximum efficiency.

Addiction can prompt a decline in physical health, as individuals tend to become so stuck in their dependence that they neglect their wellbeing in the process. For this reason, physical healing is crucial, as it allows residents to bring their bodies back to a place of strength, giving them the fuel to start on a better path to recovery. By offering our clients a medically monitored detox, this guarantees the safest approach to recovery, as clients will be continually monitored by staff to ensure they are protected, with methods put in place to ensure they remain as comfortable as possible.

For mental restoration, clients are provided with a daily schedule brimming with activities to keep them active and promote a good night’s rest. Alongside detox, we are proud to offer a range of time-tested treatments which are highly beneficial in the field of addiction treatment. Some of these include:

At our centre, we are also well aware that addiction is a family illness, one which impacts far more than just the individual in treatment. For this reason, we offer our clients a family recovery programme, designed not just for the client in rehab, but also for families who wish to rebuild their relationship in a controlled and supervised setting.

Our team

Addiction is an illness which is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. With so much stigma surrounding what it means to be an addict and why the condition manifests, it is easy to encounter people who do not understand the full extent of the illness. In light of this, Liberty House has always endeavoured to offer something better for clients, welcoming them into a safe space, totally free from judgement or ill intent. For us, the first step in achieving this came with establishing an excellent staff team who had their own personal relationship with addiction. In an environment where everyone has struggled with addiction, it becomes much easier for clients to communicate, aware that they are speaking with someone who understands and can truly relate to them.

Another non-negotiable fact about our staff team is that they are all highly trained in the field of addiction treatment and highly skilled at providing the emotional and physical support necessary to truly resonate and engage with residents.


After leaving rehab, many clients can feel they are at a loss, unsure how to navigate the challenges of everyday life without a support system they have spent weeks building up and relying on for guidance. For this reason, previous Liberty House residents are entitled to one year’s free aftercare, as well as lifetime membership to UKAT Alumni, one of the largest recovery networks in the UK.

With weekly aftercare sessions taking place over Zoom, clients are greatly encouraged to attend these groups, as it gives them a chance to bring to light any concerns they may have about their abstinence, knowing that they are in a safe space to do so. Much the same way, UKAT Alumni offers past clients access to a well-connected group with access to newsletters, podcasts, and scheduled events to reunite our recovery family.

Our ethos

As human beings, we are social creatures who rely on others to function and meet our full potential. Connection is essential to life, and it is exactly that lack of connection that fuels so many addictions to grow – pushing individuals so deep into their dependence that they eventually lose touch with the world around them.

Our team at Liberty House operate with the firm belief that connection is the antidote to addiction; that it is through shared experience and mutual support that we can truly begin to see the forest for the trees. Addiction is a condition which does not discriminate and can impact anyone at any time. For this reason, our centre welcomes people from all walks of life to recover with us, encouraging residents to set aside their preconceptions, shifting their focus to positivity and education, breaking barriers so they can truly open themselves up to healing. With a range of group therapies and activities offered to residents over the course of their stay, this helps to tear down the walls of isolation and rebuild alongside others who have encountered similar obstacles.

Start healing with Liberty House.

Addiction has a way of telling those suffering that they are weak and hopeless, that there is nothing in their life more powerful than the object of their dependence. At Liberty House, our goal is to give our clients the tools to find that strength within their own spirit, to ensure that once having left our centre, they will never allow that voice to win again. If you would like any more information about Liberty House and what we have to offer, please contact a member of our team right away.