Holistic Therapy for Addiction

Liberty house believe in taking a holistic approach when it comes to treating addiction and its common co-occurring illnesses. Addiction is essentially an illness of the mind that manifests in the addicts thoughts and then subsequent actions. It is the thinking that needs to be addressed in order for them to change.  Holistic therapy achieves this on a number of levels without the need for pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals.

The addict’s brain struggles to distinguish between safe and non-safe medications and drugs. For this reason, medications should only be used when absolutely necessary; and for optimum results treatment should also have a strong therapeutic element.  Any drug that triggers the brains pleasure receptors is a danger to a recovering addict.  The same goes for any drug that has a sedative affect. Individuals that suffer from addiction will seek anyway to block out, dampen or change their feelings.  Their chaotic and false belief thought systems could make for a lot of emotional pain and misery. Anything that relieves this, even if it’s only temporarily, has the potential to be abused by the addict.

Of course, there are some individuals that suffer from brain chemistry imbalances, this can manifest in mental health illnesses such as Clinical Depression, certain forms of Anxiety and Panic Disorder, Psychosis and Schizophrenia. Some of these illnesses are a direct result of the brains reaction the drug that is being abused; remove the substance, and at the very least, the symptoms should be dramatically reduced. Once a drug or alcohol detox has been completed, a much clearer picture is formed of the individuals underlying issues, which can then be adequately and correctly treated.

In most instances, there is no need for additional medication alongside a full Holistic Therapy program.  Where there is a genuine need for medication, our Holistic Therapy program will not cause any conflict; it will only enhance the individual’s recovery from addiction and any mood related illness that remain. 

Liberty House clinic Holistic Therapy program

Liberty House offers a number of cutting-edge addiction treatment therapies.  All have been medically approved and are regularly used in the successful treatment of addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring mental health illnesses and mood disorders.

We aim to offer a long-term solution; we achieve this mostly through our Holistic Therapy program, which includes a number of proven addiction treatment methodologies.

Holistic Therapy is characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account their mental and social factors, not just their physical presenting symptoms. The term holistic is used to describe therapy that treats the mind, body and spirit, not just one individual aspect.  Aside from medically assisted detoxification, all of our therapies are Holistic.  We understand that for a full recovery, all parts of the individual’s self have to be treated.

Liberty House Counsellors and Therapists are all trained and qualified in delivering the very latest in Holistic therapy addiction treatments. Our clinic does not take short cuts, we genuinely care that your loved one has a full and lasting recovery from the destructive life style that they once led before.

What is a Holistic Therapy?

Any therapy that treats the individual as a whole and includes their social, spiritual and mental wellbeing, constitutes as a holistic therapy.  Examples of holistic Therapies are any talking therapies such as CBT, DBT, Psychotherapy, Person-Centred Counselling and Individual Therapy.  Other therapies that are Holistic offered by Liberty House are 12 Step Therapy, Meditation, Music Therapy and Art Therapy.  We have selected the best in Holistic therapies, ensuring that we offer a varied and interesting program that will afford the best in addiction treatment and keep the patient motivated and engaged. Holistic therapies have been around since time began, and they offer the individual a long-term solution as oppose to a short-term quick fix. Holistic therapies offer change rather than suppression. By treating the whole individual and not just one singular aspect, their chances of recovery are vastly improved. Holistic therapies can also be easily accessed and practiced in the community once the individual returns home.  This means that Liberty House will consider a long-term treatment plan for every patient, and assist the individual in accessing further support and treatment once they have completed their residential stay

Holistic Therapy in Treating Addiction and Mood Disorders

Years of self-harm in active addiction creates imbalances and blockages in the individual.  It comes to a point where the individual is completely unable to be comfortable in their own skin without the aid of a chemical to alter the way that they think and feel.  Once the alcohol and drugs have been removed, these imbalances need to be restored and the individual must learn alternative methods of coping with life and their own feelings. The first thing to realise is that addiction is a lifelong condition, but that it can be arrested and successfully treated. The addict or alcoholic must avoid drink and drugs at all costs, as soon as they succumb to temptation, they will be right back in the depths of despair once again.  The tools that they learn to aid their recovery must be continued to keep the compulsion to use alcohol and drugs at bay.  Holistic therapies work in treating addiction, and as yet there has been no medicinal cure found by science to temporarily or permanently arrest this deadly and destructive condition.

Holistic therapies have also been proven to be very successful in treating mood and compulsive disorders.  They provide the individual with an alternative solution to their thoughts and feelings. They serve well in restoring the spirit and addressing mental and physical imbalances. Certain types of holistic therapies are also known as alternative or natural therapies.  Holistic therapies are very safe and involve no chemicals.  They work by bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance. They can continue to be applied and are especially beneficial in early recovery.  Clients who attend Liberty House’s Holistic program will be shown how to meditate and encouraged to practice this daily.  This simple and effective technique helps to calm the mind and provide focus and clarity.  It also helps in relaxing the body and in connecting the spirit.  In every therapy that we provide, we take into account all aspects of the addict’s lives. Addiction talking therapies work on a deeper and corrective level in addressing issues and thought processes, we feel that this is vital to permanent recovery.

For more information on our Holistic Addiction treatment program, please contact us direct and speak to a member of the Liberty House team.

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