12 Step Therapy: Helping You Recover

Liberty House believes in the powerful healing process of 12 Step Therapy.  We use the 12 Steps and its principles to address the underlying causes and conditions of the individual’s illness and addiction. The process of the 12 Steps, once completed, gives the individual a new perspective on past events and frees them from the reasons underpinning their addiction.  For maximum effect, Liberty House combines 12 Step methodologies with other talking and holistic therapies. 12 Step Therapy assists in implementing discipline and structure in to the individual’s life. For someone suffering from addiction and or a chaotic lifestyle, this structure is extremely helpful and conducive to their recovery.  The 12 Steps have been around for over 70 years, and have been successfully used to treat a vast number of addictions and disorders.

A proven addiction treatment technique, its success has completely revolutionised addiction treatment. Because of its worldwide success and availability, clients will be able to engage in this process, maintain their sobriety and build a secure support network, once they have left treatment.

12 Step Therapy Success

Over time, the original 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous has been adapted to treat a number of addiction and disorders.  The 12 Steps can be applied to all kinds of conditions and is widely accepted as a successful plan of treatment. 12 Step fellowships are now available for the following addictions and Disorders in the UK:

Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Debt and Compulsive Spending, Sex, Love Addiction, Over Eating and various Food Addictions, Narcotics, Cocaine, Co Dependency.

World wide there is even more choice, these fellowships and their 12 step programs can be accessed via email/phone and Skype, so are still available to those not local to the area; they include:

Crystal Meth, Dual Recovery (for individuals in a partnership both in recovery), Nicotine, Self-mutilators, Social Anxiety, Spenders, Sexual Recovery

Two alcoholics originally founded the Twelve Steps under the name of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. They discovered that in order to save themselves from drinking again, that they had to carry the message of the program to other alcoholics and lead a spiritual and altruistic life.  The crux of addiction centers in the sufferers mind and their thinking.  12 Step Therapy successfully challenges and changes this thinking; help the individual to take responsibility and ownership of their own feelings.  It encourages leading an honest and productive life, and be willing to think of others and help them to recover also. The program provides a useful structure for day-to-day living, processing thoughts and feelings, healing and putting right the past to the best of the individual’s ability.

12 Step Therapy is often mistaken to be religious; the truth is that this treatment methodology is not affiliated with any religion and that the Steps are a spiritual and selfless way of living.  The individual is encouraged to seek a power outside of their own self will, as their will power in the past has not been strong enough to stop them from drinking and using.  Some will turn to a God of their own understanding or a religion, but the program has also worked for atheists and non-believers.  Its diversity means that anyone with the ability to face the truth about them selves and be willing to change, can recover from addiction using the principles of the 12 Step program

Liberty house introduce its clients to the 12 Step therapy process and combine its benefits with various methods of addiction counselling and psychology.  The structure of this therapy has proven to be extremely successful in treating addiction, co-occurring illnesses and behavioral disorders.

How 12 Step works

Many of the counsellors and therapists employed by Liberty House, work a daily 12 Step program to maintain their own recovery.  We have found, and so it has been proven, that qualifications are not necessarily enough on their own when trying to reach the addict or alcoholic on understandable terms.  When there is a common bond shared, clients open up and engage far more quickly and at a much deeper level. From the moment they set foot in our clinic, straight away they are able to see that there is hope and life after addiction. Liberty House staff are extremely passionate and devoted to helping those suffering from addiction, this is shines through in the work that they do, often going that extra mile for each client.

Liberty House Treatment Program

As well as using the 12 Step Therapy modality of care, Liberty House individualise each clients treatment and care program to include a variety of therapies.  Each care plan is devised specifically to treat the person as a whole.  Other therapy’s that will be included are: CBT therapy, DBT therapy, Meditation, Individual Therapy, Relapse prevention, Family Recovery, Art and Music therapy, Process and Psychology.

For more information on Liberty Houses 12 Step Therapy treatment program, please call us direct or contact us through our website.  We believe that no one is beyond help and that with the correct treatment; every addict and alcoholic can have the opportunity to enjoy and experience a full and lasting recovery.

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