Gong bath therapy

For anyone who has ever struggled with addiction, the idea of using sound to treat the condition may seem counterintuitive. After all, addiction can often feel like a non-stop barrage of white noise in your head. However, gong bath therapy can help you find quiet that barrage so you can find peace and focus. At Liberty House, we use gong bath therapy as part of our holistic approach to addiction recovery. We believe that gong bath meditation can help our clients to find calm and clarity amidst the chaos of addiction so they can focus on their recovery.

Gong bath therapy gong

What is gong bath therapy?

Gong bath therapy is a type of sound meditation that uses the vibrations of a gong to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body. The practice dates back thousands of years and it has been used in many different cultures for healing numerous conditions and promoting well-being. Gong bath therapy is based on the belief that as the frequencies and sounds produced by the gong wash over you, your body will begin to flow along with those frequencies. This flow can help to promote relaxation, creativity, focus, and physical and emotional healing all of which are very useful in addiction recovery.

While gong bath therapy has its roots in ancient medicine and healing, contemporary scientific studies have reaffirmed the efficacy of sound therapy for a variety of conditions, including addiction. For example, one study into Tibetan singing bowls, another instrument often used in both meditation and therapy, found that the participants experienced major reductions in tension, anxiety, depression and anger with the same goals and outcomes being present in gong bath therapy. As these feelings are all symptoms and causes of addiction, enabling people to manage them more effectively can be instrumental in rehab treatment.

Gong bath meditation is often described as being like a hands-free massage as the sounds of the gong don’t just fill your ears but actually permeate your entire body. During gong bath therapy, you lie down and relax as the therapist plays the gong. Gong bath meditation can be incredibly relaxing as you don’t need to do anything at all; just relax and let the sounds wash over you.

What happens during a gong bath meditation session?

Liberty House has included gong bath meditation alongside our other addiction therapies for many years due to its effectiveness as part of an effective addiction recovery programme. Our clients usually receive gong bath therapy at the end of the week as it is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a challenging week of addiction therapy and workshops. Our gong bath therapy sessions usually last around an hour and are led by our expert gong therapist who will play a variety of gongs to produce different frequencies and sounds.

During gong bath meditation, you will usually be directed to lie down and make yourself comfortable with the gong therapist gently playing the gong and immersing you in sound. At different times, the therapist may encourage you to change positions to ensure you are completely relaxed and comfortable and quite often our clients end up falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.

What are the benefits of gong bath therapy for addiction recovery?

Gong baths are not only excellent for reducing stress and promoting tranquillity but for those in addiction recovery, there are a number of other excellent benefits:

Relief from depression and anxiety

Gong bath therapy allows you to slow down and relax, processing the thoughts and emotions that trigger and fuel your addiction carefully. As a result, many people report decreases in negative emotions such as anxiety, anger or depression.

Gong bath therapy can also help you to deal with these emotions in a constructive way so that you are less likely to lean on substances or addictive behaviours to cope with them. This will give you the tools you need to prevent relapse and stay on track with your recovery after you leave addiction rehab.

Improved quality of sleep

High-quality sleep is an important part of any successful addiction rehab treatment plan as substance abuse and addiction can affect your sleep both as a physical effect of alcohol and drug use and high levels of anxiety and stress. Gong bath meditation can be a very effective sleep aid with many people falling asleep within minutes of the sounds washing over them.

Gong bath therapy improved sleep

A system rebalance

As people begin treatment for addiction, they often feel out of sorts, fatigued or worn down. This is because addiction alters the brain’s chemical composition and function, resulting in a chemical imbalance. However, gong bath therapy is an excellent way to bring the body back into balance through its healing and restorative powers. After just a few sessions, clients usually feel more aligned with their bodies and have more energy to focus on their addiction treatment.

Physical health improvements

Not only does gong therapy help your mind, but it also benefits your whole body by interacting with your joints, muscles and bones. Many participants say that the vibrations from the gong loosened their tight or tense muscles, and made them feel more relaxed and physically re-energised.

Present moment awareness

Individuals with addiction often focus on the past or future and become so overwhelmed by these regrets or worries that they can’t be fully present during treatment or when cravings or triggers arrive. Gong bath meditation will help you to live in the present moment, allowing you to manage your thoughts and emotions to prevent relapse.

As you lie in a safe space, immersed in the calming sounds of the gong, you will be able to focus on your breath and the present moment, letting go of any fears or worries about the past or future. This will help you to stay in control during difficult times and make better decisions for your recovery.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be religious or spiritual to benefit from gong bath therapy?
No, you don’t need to be religious or spiritual to benefit from gong bath therapy. The sounds of the gong will relax you and help you to focus on the present moment, no matter what your beliefs are. The important thing is that you go into gong bath meditation with an open mind and trust in the process.
What do I need to bring to gong bath therapy?
At Liberty House, we will provide everything you need for your gong bath therapy session. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movement and remove anything that may distract you like jangly jewellery.
Is gong bath therapy safe?
Yes, gong bath therapy is safe. The only potential risk is for people with pacemakers or other electronic implants as the magnetism from the gong can interfere with their functioning. Other than that, gong bath meditation is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.