CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

“I know for sure, what we dwell on is who we become” – Oprah Winfrey

At Liberty House our Counsellors are fully trained and qualified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT.  CBT is a talking therapy, that’s proven to be very successful in the treatment of addiction and mood and behavioural disorders.  With any addict or alcoholic, the crux of the problem lies within their thinking. This is also true of many compulsive and behavioural disorders.  False belief systems and a pessimistic altered view of reality, is the driving force behind the addicts behavior and drug use. Common thinking patterns are that they believe the world and everyone in it is against them; that they have no worth or are not loved, that it is everyone else that has a problem and not them, and that they have suffered events that no one else would ever be able to really understand. This kind of thinking will lead to relapse, so it is vital that these negative and unhelpful thought processes are changed.  Cognitive Behavioural therapy helps to change the false belief systems through challenging the individual with the truth and offering a different perspective.  This change is vital to the individual leading a content and productive life, without the need for altering or suppressing their thinking through chemicals, behaviours and/or substances.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy is a type of Psychotherapy.  It was originally formatted to treat depression and anxiety.  It has further been proven and adapted to tackle more complex issues such as Post Traumatic Stress, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Addiction and Eating disorders.  Its flexibility allows for it to be helpful in many issues and situations. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can successfully be used in groups and in Individual Therapy sessions.

How Does CBT Work?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a solution-focused treatment.  It works by identifying, and through challenging it changes negative and false thought patterns and belief systems.  It works on the proven principle that thoughts create feelings and emotions.  These feelings and emotions are what drive an addict or alcoholic to using a drink or drug to suppress and seek numbness, or to get high.

Negative and false thought patterns can produce overwhelming feelings of Despair, Anger, Hopelessness, Fear and self-pity.  The process of CBT helps the individual to see the truth and change their perspective.  This in turn leads to positive feeling and acceptance.

The process of challenging and changing can take some time, as someone who is suffering from addiction or a mood or behavioral disorder will have had this kind of negative thinking established for most of their life. This way of thinking often has underlying reasons, or have resulted from negative events that have impacted on the individual in their past.  Moving into recovery, this conditioned thinking has to be completely disregarded if they are to stay clean and sober and happy.

Liberty Houses Counsellors are very skilled in helping individuals to unravel their often over-whelming emotions and address the thought processes behind it.  Once the individual is able to see and accept the truth, they then become open to change and full engagement in recovery.

How does CBT treat Alcoholism and Addiction?

It is important to understand that Alcoholism and Addiction is not just a substance related problem.  The condition is far more complex than that. It is for this reason that detoxes alone rarely have any lasting effect. The alcoholic or addict is at extremely high risk of relapse if their thought processes are not addressed and changed on a permanent basis

Alcoholics and Addicts are notorious in their inability to sit with and manage their emotions, they therefore turn to a substance in order to feel and think differently. As a progressive illness, some will lose all perspective on reality as their life becomes one long binge on drink and drugs. Unable to face their consequences and deal with the thoughts in their head, they can see no way out.

In treating any addiction and/or alcoholism it is imperative that the individuals body and brain is cleared of the substance first.  In their natural state, without drink or drugs, they will quickly come to realise the pain their own thinking creates.

Through the process of Liberty Houses rehabilitation of the individuals mind and body, they will find themselves able to accept things they never believed they could. They will at last feel free from the events of the past, which conditioned their thinking patterns and dictated their behaviours.  They will feel the rewards of their progress and be inspired to continue on the path of self-restoration and recovery.

Using CBT to treat Mood disorders, Mental Health problems and Behavioural Addictions

For many years CBT has a proven track record in treating a number of mental health and mood related disorders.  This Psychotherapeutic treatment helps to arrest distressing and unhelpful thought cycles that are the cause of negative emotions. False belief systems can lead to fear, anxiety and low mood. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders are based on false belief systems, as are illnesses such as Eating Disorders, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Process Addictions such as Gambling, Sex and Over spending.

Patients will be encouraged to accept responsibility for their own thoughts and behaviours; in doing so they will then see that they have a choice as to whether they act on a thought or reject in favour of something more positive and true. Full recovery is on-going and laying the initial foundations takes time.  We therefore encourage patients and their families to consider a length of stay that gives them the best opportunity to learn and adapt to using new processes and implementing a new way thinking.  In essence there is no quick fix to treating addiction and mood disorders.  Permanent recovery always starts with a solid foundation. CBT is indispensible in the process of change, which is why all of our Counsellors are fully trained and qualified in delivering this specific treatment modality.

For further information on the therapy techniques that we use at Liberty House, including CBT, please call our clinic and speak to a member of our team.

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