Drug abuse and addiction are common causes of violent behaviour within communities, and it places an enormous strain on emergency services. While some people can use drugs recreationally, others become physically and psychologically dependent on drugs. They may act in a violent or aggressive manner in a bid to get their hands on the substances they need, or the money to buy the drugs. Sadly, drug addiction has many negative consequences for the individual, their family members, and the wider community.

Prison Sentence

Two men who were high on drugs when they beat another man to death outside of a chip shop have been sent to prison. Kevin Darbyshire and Dwayne Turner had both taken a cocktail of drugs before they came across Edward Wood, who was passed out in the doorway of a Greater Manchester chip shop. They attacked Wood, with Darbyshire kicking him in the head and Turner punching him under the chin. They then stole £5 and a bank card before leaving Wood where he lay. He was dead less than an hour later, suffering a bleed on the brain.

Previous Convictions

Darbyshire already had more than 118 convictions and was sentenced to ten years in prison with a three-year extended licence. Turner received nine years. Judge David Aubrey QC told Darbyshire, “It is said you have spiralled out of control. In the court’s judgement, you are out of control, you remain out of control and the court finds that you represent a significant risk of serious harm by the commission of further specified offences.”

Drug Addiction to Blame

Darbyshire asked a witness to the attack not to call the police and tried to get another resident at his hostel to give him an alibi. He also burned his clothing in a bid to hide any evidence. However, he was identified by the witness and was arrested after six days.

Both men’s solicitors claimed their clients were affected by drug addiction and regretted their actions. However, the impact the attack had on Mr Wood’s family was devastating. His mother Lois, who was with Wood on the night of the attack, said she was struggling to cope with his death and had been left with a ‘massive void’.

Wood’s son Daniel said his father was a ‘generous, loving and caring man’. Daniel and his partner are due a baby, and he said his father was very excited about the new arrival but had not even had time to see the scan photograph before being killed. Wood added, “I am really upset and angry that he will not be a granddad.”

Unprovoked Attack

David Graham, prosecuting, said that the attack on Mr Wood was unprovoked and occurred while he slumped against a wall in a ‘drunken state’. He said, “They accused him of spitting at them, before each delivering one violent blow to his head and face. Darbyshire kicked him once to the head causing him to hit his head on the wall and slump further to the floor. Turner then proceeded to punch him once under the chin. Wood had offered no violence to the pair and was highly vulnerable due to him being intoxicated. He was unable to defend himself. Before they left him unconscious on the floor, they rifled through his pockets taking anything they could find.”

He said that the men would now have to live with the consequences of their actions.

Effects of Drug Addiction

Sadly, the actions of Darbyshire and Turner are not an isolated incident. Many individuals with a drug addiction find themselves in trouble with the law as they take desperate measures to get their hands on the drugs they crave.

Addiction is an illness of the brain, and those affected often act in a manner that they would previously have thought impossible. Many will become desperate to get drugs or the money needed to buy drugs, and they often do not consider the consequences of their actions until it is too late; in this case, a man died for just £5.

Some drugs cause users to become aggressive, but once a person has been affected by drug addiction, he or she will often stop at nothing to get what they need. Nothing matters but the drug, which can lead them to take unnecessary risks or act in a violent manner if that is what it takes.

Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction will continue to get worse unless it is treated. Those affected will become increasingly desperate as their addiction progresses, and they may need more and more drugs to get the high they desire.

The only way to beat a drug addiction is with treatment, which will typically include a programme of detoxification, followed by rehabilitation. If you have been affected by drug addiction, Liberty House Clinic can help. Call today for advice and information on how to overcome a drug addiction.

Source: Killers high on drink and drugs beat man to death and then stole £5 from his pocket (Daily Mail)