In many cases, a drug addiction not only ruins the life of the addict but it can also have an effect on the lives of their loved ones. It is often the case that close friends and family have had very little to no experience at all in dealing with addiction, so for them, it can be extremely challenging to deal with an addicted loved one.

Drugs affect many people around the UK, and different drugs can have different effects on the individual concerned. Some people may find that they start to display aggressive or violent behaviour while others could turn to a life of crime to fund their drug habit.

Left Speechless

A seventy-one-year-old pensioner has learned this the hard way as his home was burgled and all his hard-earned savings were stolen from his fireplace. The elderly man feels even more betrayed as he personally knows the perpetrator of this crime, 36-year old Joanne Bailey, as he had helped her out many times before.

The pensioner was left speechless when he was enjoying a coffee in his home with Joanne when her partner, 39-year old Lee Jaworski, entered the house, making straight for an empty bottle of whisky that was on the fireplace. The bottle contained £120 of hard-earned cash that had been saved by the pensioner. By the time he could get up, both Joanne and Lee had made off with the money, which they shared and spent soon afterwards.

Trust Abused

The victim stated that “I feel totally angry but also stupid. My trust has been abused, and I don’t want her anywhere near my property again. I’ve helped her in the past, and she’s thrown it all back in my face.” When Joanne was arrested, she denied any involvement in the crime, which Jaworski insisted was a ‘spur of the moment thing’.

Eventually, both Bailey and Jaworski admitted the burglary while Jaworski also admitted to burgling The Star pub on Southfield Road, Middlesbrough. He snuck behind the bar and stole numerous bottles of Grey Goose vodka and Sambuca while he was on bail.

Struggled with Drug Addiction

Barrister Kelleigh Lodge who was defending Jaworski told the court that he had lost his job due to his mental health issues, which resulted in him becoming homeless and consequently turning to drugs as a coping mechanism. She added that he has struggled with drug addiction and from a host of mental health issues including anxiety and depression, although, he was working alongside a mental health charity to improve his life.

Ms Lodge said that he regretted what he did to this elderly gentleman and was ‘totally ashamed’ and sorry for his actions.

No Remorse

Bailey’s defence barrister, Robert Mochrie, admitted that his client had not actually shown any remorse for her actions but that she did understand that what she did was wrong. He told the court how she has also battled a drug addiction for many years now and was trying to overcome her addiction but needed support to do this.

Judge Crowson commented on the offences by saying, “He’ll never see it again (the money) and you’ll never repay it, I don’t imagine. He is very much affected by it, very angry about it, which is perfectly understandable, and we should all be angry on his behalf that people can take advantage of someone like that. It was clearly targeted. It wasn’t the spur of the moment.”

He then told Bailey and Jaworski that he could not even consider suspending their prison sentences and jailed both for two years, with an added month for Jaworski due to the pub burglary.

Drug/Alcohol Abuse and Crime

It goes without saying that not every person who abuses drugs or alcohol is going to resort to a life of violence or crime. Research has highlighted that most drug abusers will not actually commit any other crimes like assault or theft. Nevertheless, there are still some that will commit crimes such as theft to fund their expensive addiction. Researchers have also discovered that there is a link between severe drug and alcohol abuse and crime; this is possibly because the abuser will likely have a decreased perception of social support and social network. Other factors such as family, mental health and even living conditions are essential when trying to understand why an individual would take drugs or drink alcohol and then get involved in criminal activity.

Quitting Drugs or Alcohol

Committing to the necessary changes required for a lifetime of sobriety is the first crucial step on the road to recovery. This journey can be long and arduous; however, a life of sobriety will be worth it in the end.

Many addicts do not know where to start in terms of overcoming an addiction, but it is essential to ensure that you are fully supported. Here at Liberty House, we will ensure that you feel supported and happy in our facility. We will educate you on the nature of your addiction and provide treatments that will allow you to leave our clinic and look forward to a sober life. Contact us today for any further information.

Source: 71-year-old disabled man’s savings stolen by couple – including woman who abused his trust (GazetteLive)