Family Recovery Programme and Wholesome Support

Sundays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, via Zoom

Liberty House offers all clients and their families the opportunity to benefit from our unique Family Recovery Programme.  We are passionate about our clients long term and permanent recovery, and therefore seek to address any outside issues that may have a negative or challenging impact on this, once they leave the treatment environment.

Loving an Addict

Loving an addict is painful; at times it can feel soul destroying as your hopes rise only to be dashed once again.  It may seem to the family and loved ones that no matter what they do, they are unable to be of any real help.  This is the truth of the matter; addiction is far more powerful than an addicts love for their family and partners. They will go to any lengths in addiction to get their next drink or drug; even if it means lying, stealing and cheating to do so. Understandably the

Family is affected by their behaviour, trust is broken and the individual stopping drinking and drugging simply isn’t enough to repair the damage caused.

The first thing to understand is that the addict is a very sick individual; they are at the mercy of a compulsion that they are unable to gain control over.  This leads them to engaging in all sorts of destructive and baffling behaviours. Once an individual is finally willing to accept help, the family naturally feel worried about their return home.  How will they cope? What if they relapse? Can I trust what they say? Liberty house endeavors to show you the best way forward. Not only in supporting your loved one, but also in learning to look after yourself.  Family recovery is very important. Years of living or caring for someone so entrenched in addiction has had a huge ripple effect on all.  The addict becomes detached, distant and untrustworthy. Our aim is to educate you and set you free, so that you can live your life without the constant fear of your loved one relapsing, and if they do, teaching you the right way to deal with it to keep you safe and not enable them any further.

How Liberty House can help

Liberty House facilitates an open day for families and loved ones once a month. This will provide families the opportunity to engage in some of the treatment on offer. Families are also able to communicate with the counsellors should they have any concerns or have questions.  We keep our treatment transparent, but also protect our client’s confidentiality at the same time. Families will only be advised in a constructive way that is beneficial to both the addict and the family.  Families are welcome to visit our clinic prior to admission to have a look around.  We can also advise families on how to get additional support for themselves, to help them to deal with the carnage and fear that addiction often brings. We aim to educate the families on how best to look after themselves and support their loved ones on discharge from treatment.  This is vital in the healing process

Building Bridges

At Liberty House we are able to offer family members an Individual Therapy session with their loved one and a qualified Addiction Counsellor present.  This is particularly helpful in situations where all communication has broken down,  or there is deep resentment. The Counsellor will lead the session and ensure that both parties are able to have their say in a constructive way.  The Counsellor will also assist in helping to come to an agreed solution that is tangible for both parties and conducive in moving forward.

One of the main benefits of recovery is that families and loved ones can be reunited, all striving in the same direction and reading from the same page. Liberty House will assist in anyway that they can to help this happen.  There is no greater gift to us than seeing families recover together, as a direct result of the work we do with them.

The Family After Treatment

One of the biggest fears that families suffer with, is their loved one returning to their old self-destructive ways.  Families are relieved when their loved one finally accepts help, and knowing that they are safe allows them to at last breath.  Without the daily worry of their loved one in their lives, they are able to gain some perspective and begin to look at their own lives once again.

Liberty House is very aware of the fear that discharge from treatment not only brings the individuals, but their family also.  It can be hard not to try and wrap your loved one in cotton wool in order to try and protect them. This in its self can be damaging to both parties. Your loved one will need to find their own path in this world, free from alcohol, drugs and destructive behaviours. By all means the family can offer support, but by allowing them the freedom to make their own choices and decisions you will be allowing them to grow in their recovery.

Whilst in treatment, for the duration of their stay, Liberty House will do everything within their power to equip your loved one to be able to live life on life’s terms and not need to resort to old destructive methods of coping.  There is no quick fix to addiction; it is an ongoing and life long commitment to recovery. What ever is going on in the individual’s life, they MUST place their recovery first. The initial return back home will be a huge period of adjustment for all, Liberty House will endeavor to offer as much support in this process as they can.

For further details and information on our family programme, please call and speak to a member of our clinical team.

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