Individual Therapy for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

“I really valued my One to One Individual therapy sessions at Liberty House. I learned to trust my Counsellor and talk about things that I swore would never see the light of day.

With their help, I learned to start accepting my past and move on from it. My past no longer defines who I am; I am able to share my experience to help others who have suffered similar experiences.  I have also stopped blaming myself and that is a massive step forward for me”

At Liberty House clients will have the opportunity to benefit from Individual Therapy sessions with their assigned Counsellor. We offer this, as some clients have suffered experiences and trauma that they find too painful and shameful to disclose in the presence of their peers as a group. Each session is dedicated completely to the individual, who will have the opportunity to talk about and receive therapy for any deep rooted and sensitive issues.  It is also a chance for the Counsellor to catch up with the client and review their Careplan and make any needed adjustments to ensure they are receiving the highest and most appropriate level of care during their stay at Liberty House.

What Happens in Individual Therapy

Liberty House believes in continuity of care as being extremely important in building a trusting relationship with our therapists and Counsellors.  All clients are therefore assigned their personal Counsellor on admission who will over see their treatment and formulate their individual care plan.  All of Liberty House Counsellors are fully qualified and registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). They also have the added benefit of being in recovery from addiction themselves. This places them in a unique position to understand on a far deeper level where the client is coming from. This continuity of care is conducive to a trusting and productive therapeutic  relationship between the Counsellor and client.

Each Individual therapy session will be held in one of our specially adapted treatment rooms and will last approximately fifty minutes.  Liberty Houses Counsellors take a person-centered approach to the individual therapy that they deliver; this means that each individual is treated as a whole and not just for their addiction.  We look at the bigger picture, the underlying issues and conditions.  This approach ensures a far greater chance of success once the patient returns back home and to day-to-day living.  The content of the sessions will be tailored to meet the patients individualised care plan. This is subject to constant review as the they come to reveal more and more about them selves and the underlying reasons why they turned to drink and drugs or a behavioural addiction.

The Benefits of Individual Therapy

Liberty House incorporate Individual Therapy sessions as part of each client’s on going treatment plan.  We are also able to offer a continuation of individual therapy once the patient has discharged from residential care. Individual Therapy provides the Counsellor with the opportunity to assess on a deeper level where the patient is psychologically and emotionally and apply the appropriate treatment methodology. Individual therapy is always conducted in a private, safe and non-threatening space, away from the group therapy setting.  This allows for the patient to open up and form a strong therapeutic bond with their assigned Counsellor.  It is the perfect setting for the individual to discuss or raise issues that are of a sensitive nature. Barriers that are standing in the way of the individual’s recovery are more easily removed as the individual comes to understand that it is only them that is standing in the way of getting well. For clients that have suffered trauma or great emotional illnesses this modality of therapy is particularly helpful in the healing process.

How Individual Therapy Works

The first step in any individual’s recovery from chemical dependency or a behavioural compulsion is to remove the substance or stop the destructive behaviour.  This allows for the mind to defog and refocus. Once a full chemical, alcohol or drug detox has been completed, therapy is then of maximum benefit. The individual will quickly come to realise with the assistance of their Counsellor, the true nature of their illness.  In their natural state, without anything to block or numb thoughts and feelings, they will be forced to consider a different way of dealing with their problems. Each patient will have some issues or problems that are individual to them, these will only be revealed once the dependency or compulsion has been removed. Individual Therapy allows for these issues and problems to be tackled head on in a non-threatening and loving way.  Liberty House care for each patients full recovery, for us, its not simply about putting a sticking plaster on and sending them home, its about healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Our treatment program account’s for this and our support and dedication to each individual’s full and long term recovery is unwavering.

The progress made through Individual Therapy, will be dependent on the patients length of stay and mental state, we can only work with the client as long as they are willing and or able to work with us.  This is why we offer Counselling sessions as a continuation, to help resolve and heal any outstanding issues that the treatment duration has not allowed for

If you have any questions relating to our Individual Therapy or any other aspect of our treatment program, please do not hesitate to  contact Liberty House and speak to one of our clinical team.

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