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Rosie O'Farrell
Rosie O’Farrell

Centre Manager

Rosie started her career as a volunteer counsellor, working for the mental health organisation MIND. Having benefited from the 12 step model of addiction herself, her goal was to complete training to enhance her knowledge of addiction. She is now utilising her personal and professional experience to help the clients at Liberty House.

After completing her Diploma in counselling at Birkbeck University in London she undertook a 3 year Msc in addiction psychology and counselling at London South-bank University. Post-qualification she started working as a counsellor, senior counsellor and then became the centre manager for TTP Communities in Luton, which was a quasi-residential rehabilitation centre. Rosie was to remain with TTP for 8 years until its closure in 2015.
She worked with the NHS in Luton as Clinical Lead at Reconnect which offered community-based support for all those affected from addictions, including families. Rosie was with Reconnect for two years; however, her commitment to the 12 step model of recovery from addictions led her back to working in the Liberty House residential rehab.


Richard Kankam
Richard Kankam

Senior Support Worker

Richard is the senior support worker at Liberty House Clinic. His role is not only to support the clients but also to support his team with any queries they may have so that they can work to the best of their abilities. Richards’s role varies on a day to day basis but involves administering medication to the clients as required in accordance with company policy.

Richard has a vast amount of experience within the industry; one key aspect is interacting, communicating and building a good relationship with clients in a way that promotes dignity and respect. Richard offers support to the clients in fulfilling their goals within their recovery plan. He is able to provide emotional support by talking to clients and listening to their problems and concerns. Richard ensures that all support workers perform their duties in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures as well as all administrative tasks associated with their role.
As an ex- problem drinker/user Richard has been admitted to drug and alcohol treatment centres during his recovery. This is one of the reasons why he wanted to help and pass on his experience to other sufferers of this debilitating illness and found that working in this industry would be the best opportunity to provide the help, resources and information that can help clients receive the services they need to improve their quality of life.
This role has helped Richard develop as a person and expand his knowledge and experience as a result of the structured training programmes, coaching, supervision, support and ongoing range of development opportunities provided by the company. Richards experience within the industry started with volunteering and later on working as Peer Mentor, Support Worker, Group Facilitator, and a Sober Living Assistant.
Richards is currently working through the industry standard care certification and has completed training in areas such as, first Aid, Food and Hygiene, SOVA, Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, Boundaries and Administering of Medication. Richards aim is to bring happiness and joy into the lives of vulnerable people and help them achieve their potential.


Jennet Jenkinson
Jennet Jenkinson

Support Worker

Jennet started has been a full-time key worker at Liberty House Clinic Ltd since May 2017. She has a varied and wide range of experience and is qualified in mentoring and health & safety. Jennet is also qualified in Reiki, as well as in specialised massage and relaxation techniques.

Jennet has a passion for helping others and provides emotional support when a client needs to talk about how they are feeling or any concerns or worries which may arise as every individual’s recovery journey will have good and bad days. She helps to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed so that the client can get the best from their treatment.
Jennet is able to put clients at ease especially during the initial few days when some clients may feel anxious in their new surroundings. She also supports the therapy team to aid her progression by co-facilitating step groups.
“Watching clients recover and move on to live an alcohol and drug-free life is a satisfying and rewarding part of my role in Liberty House.”


Bina Pithava
Bina Pithava

HR and Operational Support

Bina has over 14 years of people management experience within the retail sector. She has gained a vast amount of experience with managing client expectations through the team. She joined Liberty House Clinic after spending a year in the industry and felt that she would like to put her energies into helping people.

Bina works closely alongside the registered manager to ensure that all aspects of administration, training and operational tasks are completed. One of her gratifying moments is when she sees clients successfully complete their treatment programme and start to rebuild relationships with their families and friends.
A number of colleagues have been though addiction and seeing them develop to be able to support others through their recovery is one area that she finds very rewarding. Bina has gained a greater understanding of what is involved in setting up a new rehab centre and recruiting a team that are qualified and experienced to deliver a programme that will help our clients get the best out of their treatment with us.
Binas’ aim is ensure that the team have all the tools and knowledge they need to deliver an exceptional experience to all our clients. This includes making sure colleague training is completed and up to date and that the team receive regular one to ones as well as development opportunities.
Bina would also like to develop herself in areas such as CBT, NLP and life coaching so that she can have a more hands on approach to helping clients through their recovery journey. Bina is inspired by the commitment and dedication both the team and clients have towards recovery and would like to get more involved in client work to diversify her skills.


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