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Rosie O’Farrell - Liberty House - Registered Manager
Rosie O’Farrell
Registered Manager Liberty House
Rosie started her career as a volunteer counsellor, working for the mental health organisation MIND. Having benefited from the 12 step model of addiction herself her goal was to complete training to enhance her knowledge of addiction.

After completing her Diploma in counselling at Birkbeck University in London she undertook a 3 year Msc in addiction psychology and counselling at London South-bank University.

Post qualification she started working as a counsellor, Snr counsellor and then became the centre manager for TTP Communities in Luton, which was a quasi-residential rehabilitation centre .Rosie was to remain with TTP for 8 years until its closure in 2015.

She then went on to gain employment with the NHS in Luton as Clinical Lead at Reconnect which offered community based support for all those affected from addictions ,including families.

Rosie was with Reconnect for 2 years; however her commitment to the 12 step model of recovery from addictions led her back to working in Residential Rehab.

Pablo Perez Vich - Liberty House - Counsellor
Pablo Perez Vich

Pablo has been working within the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry for 13 years covering a range of roles such as a counsellor, music therapist, behavioural therapist, and family therapist.

Pablo completed his bachelors’ degree in Psychology and a master’s in Music Therapy And Behavioural Therapy. He also completed a post-graduate qualification in Family Therapy as well as a certificate in Psychodrama.

He has a passion for this industry because of his own first-hand experience in substance misuse and seeing the effects of addiction in a close relative. Pablo uses many different therapeutic approaches, such as motivational interviewing and solution focussed therapy, to support a client through their recovery journey.

Pablo finds positive client outcomes as a great motivator because it is evidence that when a client is ready to make a change then with the right support and tools they can achieve their recovery milestones. He identifies with the holistic approach offered at Liberty House Clinic Ltd because long-term recovery also includes taking care of your mind as well as your body. We offer meditation, sound and yoga therapy as these are just as important as one-to-one/group sessions.

Pablo also believes that the strength of the therapeutic programme in Liberty House Clinic Ltd is the team and the group work. Peers and staff working together play an equal part in a client’s recovery.

Jeanette Sweeney - Liberty House - Counsellor
Jeanette Sweeney

Jeanette joined our team in 2021. She is a Psychologist and a Psychotherapist that has worked in mental health for almost 15 years, she started out training as a mentor for people with mental health issues for MIND, completed bereavement training with CRUSE, and also addiction training at CGL. She has been working primarily in addiction for 8 years. Jeanette has had personal experience with mental illness and addiction which enables her to have genuine empathy with individuals navigating through the same struggles.

Having been a private consultant for over 5 years Jeanette missed being part of a team, and really missed facilitating groups which is her passion. She is an experienced group facilitator and a firm believer in the power of the group, especially in recovery, being an addict is a very isolating lonely place and cannot be conquered alone. Therefore, Jeanette encourages all recovering addicts to become members of the fellowship (AA, CA, NA, GA) attending these groups is an opportunity to make new friendships with like minded people, it is a whole new community where everybody is alcohol and drug free, and they support each other in their recovery.

Jeanette is an extremely passionate therapist and dedicated to working with clients, she loves her job and is always willing to go the extra mile to provide support for her clients. She enjoys every aspect of her job but one of her favourite things is completing the discharge plans. Witnessing the clear difference between the broken fragile individuals that arrive at Liberty House Clinic to the stronger, more self-aware, sober and clean individuals at the end of their treatment is so rewarding. Jeanette feels privileged to be part of their journey as they start to live as opposed to just existing.

Stephen Bass - Liberty House - Senior Support Worker
Stephen Bass
Senior Support Worker

Stephen is the senior support worker at liberty house clinic. He is an ex-client at liberty house and has 20 years of personal experience in addiction. Stephen joined Liberty House Clinic Ltd in November 2019.

Stephen realised he had to make some changes in his personal and work life, so he took inspiration from the counsellors and support staff whilst in treatment and realised he could help others in the way they helped him so he decided to pursue a career in health and social care within the addiction sector.

He has a great work ethic, is compassionate, reliable and wants to help make a change to people suffering in addiction. Stephen is currently studying for the Level 3 in health and social care to further support his knowledge and experience within this field.

Costas Chacholiades - Liberty House - Support Worker
Costas Chacholiades
Support Worker

Costas has been working at Liberty house clinic as a support worker. He is an ex client who started volunteering and found the role of supporting clients very rewarding.

Costas is in recovery and believes that his experience as a client who has lived with addiction and alcoholism is a valuable tool that he can use to get through to another person who is still suffering from the effects of their addiction.

Costas has used the same 12 twelve-step program that is introduced to clients at liberty house clinic to stay clean and has used the tools that he learnt to gain long term abstinence. He believes that the therapeutic value of treatment i.e. group sessions and one to one counselling is paramount as they help to deal with underlying issues that need addressing in order to move forward.

Costas believes that liberty house clinic offers a comfortable and safe detox for drugs and alcohol and there is a lot of support for clients whilst going through this first step of their recovery journey. Costas had a very good experience as a client at Liberty House, the support of other peers who are in the same position proved invaluable as everyone was able to support each other. At Liberty House Clinic, we do also add fun group activities such as a quiz night or karaoke as we do believe that a balance of hard work and downtime are both important elements in treatment.

Rose Kelly Lines - Liberty House - Support Worker
Rose Kelly Lines
Support Worker

Rose joined Liberty House clinic in January 2021 as a student counsellor undertaking her placement. After several months she began working as a full time support worker as well as continuing to learn about the therapy side of the company.

After her own experience with alcohol addiction and recovery Rose decided to venture onto a new path and in 2018 started studying a Hypnotherapy and introduction to Counselling course with Chrysalis UK. She obtained the certificate in Hypnotherapy and continued on with her studies, realising that she wanted to deepen her knowledge of counselling. In 2019 she obtained a Level 4 Diploma in Counselling skills and theory. She is continuing to study and is working to complete her Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling practice.

The goal for Rose has been to work in the field of addiction and support with recovery and working at Liberty house clinic reaffirmed to her that this is where her passion lies. Rose saw the development of clients from when they first arrive to when they leave and saw the positive and life changing impact the treatment has and is thoroughly committed to being a part of that journey for each client. During counselling and group work Rose brings a person centred approach, conveying true empathy to each individual. This style allows the client to feel safe and secure and helps them to explore emotions and actions in a non-judgemental and caring environment.

The support worker role allows Rose to learn about other aspects of the clinic and she is able to support the clients in a multitude of ways from going for a walk with the clients to assisting with medication. No day is ever the same however the goal is always for the client to live a happier and healthier life.

Bina Pithava - Liberty House - HR and Operational Support
Bina Pithava
HR and Operational Support

Bina has over 14 years of people management experience within the retail sector. She has gained a vast amount of experience with managing client expectations through the team. She joined Liberty House Clinic after spending a year in the industry and felt that she would like to put her energies into helping people.

Bina works closely alongside the registered manager to ensure that all aspects of administration, training and operational tasks are completed. One of her gratifying moments is when she sees clients successfully complete their treatment programme and start to rebuild relationships with their families and friends.

A number of colleagues have been through addiction and seeing them develop to be able to support others through their recovery is one area that she finds very rewarding. Bina has gained a greater understanding of what is involved in setting up a new rehab centre and recruiting a team that is qualified and experienced to deliver a programme that will help our clients get the best out of their treatment with us.

Binas’ aim is to ensure that the team have all the tools and knowledge they need to deliver an exceptional experience to all our clients. This includes making sure colleague training is completed and up to date and that the team receive regular one to ones as well as development opportunities. Bina would also like to develop herself in areas such as CBT, NLP and life coaching so that she can have a more hands-on approach to helping clients through their recovery journey. Bina is inspired by the commitment and dedication both the team and clients have towards recovery and would like to get more involved in client work to diversify her skills.

Terry Browne - Liberty House - Maintenance
Terry Browne

In Terry’s role as the Maintenance person at Liberty House Clinic Ltd he is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the clinic, including the garden and the car park. Terry takes a leading role supporting the centre manager with fire, as well as health and safety checks.

Terry has over 30 years of experience in building and maintenance work. He liaises with both staff and clients to make sure the clinic is kept to a good standard for the safety and well-being of anyone using our service, visiting our facilities or working in our building. Terry feels that by providing a safe and secure environment contributes towards a client’s recovery. This is achieved through building confidence with the client by showing that we can offer them a safe environment to stay in during their treatment. Terry believes that the work we do is a great stepping stone, as every milestone the client achieves will help them to move on to a better life.

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