Most people assume that those affected by drug addiction take Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine, and the truth is that most drug addicts do. However, it is important to realise that Class B drugs such as cannabis can also be addictive, contrary to popular belief. Many individuals do not believe that cannabis is addictive, but the reality is that cannabis addiction does exist. In fact, many people across the UK struggle every single day because of a cannabis addiction.

You might think that those affected by this illness would be keen for the current drug laws to stay as they are, but this is not always the case. Lord Monson, whose son died after developing a devastating cannabis addiction, is calling for the drug to be decriminalised.

War on Skunk

Lord Monson’s son Rupert Green became so addicted to a powerful form of the drug that he attempted suicide at his Surrey home. Rupert then spent five days on life support before finally losing his life. Despite this, Lord Monson believes that a ‘war on skunk’ is needed and he is calling for cannabis to be decriminalised as he feels less dangerous versions of the drug should be legal.

Rupert’s addiction had previously seen him sectioned under the Mental Health Act, but even though his addiction had not been adequately treated, he was discharged because his bed was needed for another patient.

Rupert is the second son lost to Lord Monson; in 2012, his older son Alexander died after what the family believe was a beating by police in Kenya. Speaking about Rupert, Lord Monson described him as ‘sporty, congenial and very popular’. However, he also added that when he started using drugs, he became introverted and was ‘prone to outbursts’.

Lord Monson said, “We are in a war now, a war against skunk. Once someone has become psychotic on skunk, they often never come back. It is the most shocking time.”


Lord Monson believes that decriminalising cannabis would mean that users get safer forms of the drug by choosing versions that would not cause psychosis. Reports have found that skunk is responsible for around a quarter of all new psychosis cases because it is much stronger than regular forms of cannabis. Lord Monson went on to say, “That is no different from our approach to alcohol. No one needs to drink moonshine whisky which makes them blind; they can buy legal whisky.”

Lord Monson thinks that if people had a greater awareness of the dangers of skunk, there is less chance of them ending up with a devastating cannabis addiction as Rupert did.

He is now facing an inquest into the deaths of both his children; Kenyan authorities have still not come to a conclusion about the death of Alexander. Police had initially claimed the twenty-eight-year-old died of an overdose, but a post-mortem did not reveal any trace of drugs in his system. However, there was evidence of injuries to his genitals and head that were deemed to be consistent with him having been beaten.

Lord Monson said, “I am probably the only person who now has two inquests running into the deaths of two children. I am not going to let myself collapse into a heap over this. I am not going to be self-pitying. I just have no choice but to carry on.”

Overcoming a Cannabis Addiction

Those affected by cannabis addiction will require help just as those with other types of drug addiction do. Nonetheless, most people with this kind of illness believe that support is unavailable. Here at Liberty House Clinic, though, we treat all types of substance addictions, including cannabis addiction.

We know that this is a very real illness and we want you to know that our team of dedicated professionals can help you to get your life back on track. Our programmes include detoxification if required, followed by an intensive programme of treatment that includes elements of individual counselling, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and holistic treatments designed to heal the mind, body and spirit.

If you require help for a cannabis addiction or any other type of addiction, contact us today. We will assess your situation to determine the severity of your addiction and will provide relevant information and advice on the next steps you need to take.

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Source: Grieving aristocrat calls for legal cannabis and a ‘war on skunk’ after losing second son (The Telegraph)