Alcohol is a substance that is regularly abused by millions of people around the world; in many cases, the individual will go on to develop an alcohol addiction. This can have a detrimental impact on not only the life of the addict but also the lives of their friends and family members as well. These family members and friends will have to try and deal with the impulsive and reckless actions of their addicted loved one.

It can be incredibly easy to develop an alcohol addiction, as the substance is so readily available and can be quite affordable too. Furthermore, with supermarkets, bars and pubs selling alcohol from 10am, it can be challenging for addicts to refrain from purchasing alcohol. In some cases, the addict will resort to crime to fund his or her addiction. This is what happened with Anthony Mark Jones, who stole alcohol from a local supermarket four times in the space of two weeks.

Dire Alcohol Problem

Thirty-four-year-old Anthony Mark Jones of Penymorfa, Llanelli was described as suffering from a ‘dire’ alcohol problem, as Llanelli Magistrates’ Court heard that he had stolen four cans of Lech Premium beer on four separate occasions over a two-week period. CCTV footage showed Jones entering his local Asda before picking up the alcohol and leaving the store without making any attempt to pay. Richard Morgan, mitigating, explained, “He takes a very realistic view of his situation. It’s clear from the facts he has a dire problem with alcohol – he can’t stop himself and has gone and taken the same can of lager from the same store four times. He does tell me he has been going to appointments with the probation service and is having some degree of help. His actions are all borne out of his addiction to alcohol.”


Jones pleaded guilty to theft on four occasions while Judge Richard Thomas described it as a ‘catch 22’ situation, saying, “We need to do something constructive, not destructive.” Judge Thomas was made aware of a local ‘dry house’; however, he was informed that Jones had been refused entry until he is completely free of alcohol. The case was put on hold while the possibility of him gaining a spot in a house was explored, but at the time, it was not possible to arrange this due to the circumstances. He was sentenced to 56 days in prison and ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge fee. Judge Thomas told Jones that he would arrange for him to attend a dry house once he was released from prison.

Distressing and Upsetting

Like Jones, some addicts will have no way of obtaining the alcohol they so desperately crave, so will resort to theft to secure it. This can result in a prison sentence or fine if caught. This can be an extremely distressing and upsetting time for the affected individual’s loved ones as they will know that the only reason that the person is acting this way is because of the alcohol. An alcohol addiction can change an individual completely, which can result in the deterioration of once stable relationships. A lot more than just the person’s pride can be lost; they can lose their family, friends, job and home. This can leave them with nothing, and they often will not even realise this until it is too late.

In Denial

Some alcoholics will be in denial about the situation and will therefore not accept help; this will just prolong their suffering and make recovery much more difficult. An addict may believe that by ignoring the problem, it will just go away; however, this is generally not the case, and they will be left battling an addiction in silence until eventually realising there is an issue. By not being supported when dealing with an alcohol addiction, the individual leaves him/herself vulnerable as they are allowing their health to deteriorate. This can cause many issues further down the line.

Further Information

If you are dealing with an alcohol addiction and are motivated to finally overcome the problem, get in touch with us here at Liberty House. Our priority is to ensure that you beat your addiction and go on to lead a happy, healthy life afterwards; we have helped many people in the same position as you in overcoming their addictions. You can rest assured that any information you provide us with will be confidential and nothing you tell us will go any further. If you require further information or have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us today and we will do everything that we can to assist you further.
Source: A thief stole the same pack of beer from Asda supermarket four different times (South Wales Evening Post)