Meditation as an Addiction Treatment Method

As part of Liberty houses treatment and rehabilitation program, patients will be introduced to various methods of meditation.  Meditation is an effective way to relax and reflect.  It is also extremely helpful in the detoxification process, as it assists in bringing the individual into the present moment and relieving tension, chaotic thinking and pain.  Used as part of a daily routine, it can be extremely beneficial in calming and clearing the mind for the day ahead, and assisting in restoring disruptive sleep patterns.

People from all walks of life have practiced meditation for centuries; seeking inner peace and calm. Modern living can be stressful and demanding; it can be difficult to find an outlet for that stress. Some individuals will turn to drugs and alcohol as a way of escaping from responsibility and worries, others use it as part of their daily routine to unwind after a day at work.

Liberty House positively promotes meditation as an alternative and holistic therapy.  Patients will be guided through the meditation process and encouraged to develop their own practice as part of their daily routine.

The Origin of Meditation

Meditation was practiced way back in the very 1st Century, initially by religious groups, its benefits soon became apparent.  Over time it has evolved and different methods have been introduced.  All methods achieve similar benefits.  Buddhists practiced methods of mindfulness meditation originally in the 3rd Century BCE. Mindfulness is still very popular today as brings the individuals focus into the present moment and helps to reduce anxiety and negative thinking. Early examples of meditation were referred to as Contemplative Concentration.  Religious and spiritual groups utilised meditation as an enhancement to their practices and beliefs and in connecting with a Higher Power or Higher Self.  It provided a gateway into the inner conscience, so that a new perspective could be found within the peace and clarity.

Today meditation can be practiced in groups or alone. There is an array of different techniques and methods, so every individual can find and adopt the method that they feel most beneficial to them.

Meditation Techniques

Liberty House practices the two simplest and main forms of meditation as a part of their treatment program.  Patients will be able to partake in a meditation session every day, in the morning, helping to set them up for the day ahead.


Mindfulness, originally introduced and practiced by Buddhists, focuses on being present in the moment.  Mindfulness is particularly helpful in assisting to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress related disorders.

The patient will be encouraged to relax the body and bring their focus into the here and now, experiencing sensations and thoughts relevant to that process.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is the simplest way of introducing meditation.  It is particularly helpful to those who are unable to focus or struggle with silence. Guided meditation takes the individual on a journey, away from their reality. It provides them with a safe and relaxing space to shut off from external noise and the internal dialog of the mind.

Beginners in meditation will find this easy to follow, as you are gently talked through a process of relaxation each step of the way.  There are many helpful guided meditations available through media and on CD. They can be downloaded from the Internet and practiced anywhere with the use of headphones.

This method requires no previous knowledge or experience and offers the benefits of relaxation, escapism, clarity and focus of the mind, peacefulness and comfort.  It reduces anxiety, pain and discomfort on many levels. Most will prefer to start with this assisted method; as they learn to sit still, relax and listen.  They then progress on to other methods that are more contemplative and thought provoking.

The Benefits of Regular Meditation

Liberty House firmly believes in the benefits of meditation, which has been proven and advocated medically as well as holistically.  We use methods that we believe will be easy for all to take on, practice and develop.  We encourage our clients to maintain and build on this, as part of their daily routine on leaving treatment. Meditation can help alleviate and assist in minimising the following symptoms that often result from drug and alcohol addiction and other co occurring illnesses:

Detoxification, Anxiety, Panic, Sleep Disorders, Mild to Moderate pain, Negative thinking, Obsessive thinking, Catastrophic thinking, Processing difficult emotions, Clearing cloudy or unmanageable thinking, Muscle tension, Headaches.

Meditation is able to assist in a great shift in the individual’s perspective and outlook.  Clients will learn to turn within for answers, instead of looking for external solutions that can often only serve to be temporary or damaging to their well-being.

Please call or email Liberty House Clinic for further information on our treatment program and various treatment modalities including holistic therapies.

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