Mindful Fitness Programme

Mindful Fitness is suitable and can be adapted to benefit anyone; regardless of age, physical fitness or mental capacity. Our Mindful Fitness program is structured to assist in cultivating a strong and healthy mind and body. This is essential in building a lasting foundation for recovery.  Mindful fitness not only strengthens you physically but also improves your mental clarity and promotes the ability to be present and in the moment.  This is hugely beneficial to those that suffer from anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking and trauma.  By combining physical exercise with breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, Mindful Fitness has a dual purpose. Working a Mindful Fitness program into your everyday living will have numerous health benefits both mentally and physically.

What Is Mindful Fitness Programme?

Mindful Fitness Programme refers to a type of exercise that calms and focuses the mind whilst relaxing and strengthening the body. Popular examples of Mindful Fitness are Yoga and Tai Chi. Both of these techniques work on the mind whilst improving physical strength, control and flexibility. Mindful Fitness can be worked into other exercises such as walking, jogging and swimming.  The focus is on the present, and in experiencing the sensations of the body and environmental surroundings.  This practice dramatically reduces stress and anxiety levels. By learning and practicing a Mindful Fitness program, the individual will have the ability to take control of their thoughts and feelings and bring them into the present moment, at the same time they will improve their overall fitness and physical strength.

Treating Addiction with Mindful Fitness

In any addiction, it is not the substance or the compulsive action that is the underlying problem. The addict or alcoholic uses and abuses drink and drugs to deal with their thoughts and feelings.  In the later stages of addiction, their drink or drug of choice will become their everything.  They will feel like they cannot breathe without it. Despite severe consequences to their physical and mental health, relationships and finances, they will be compelled to carry on.  It is important that the individual learns alternative means of managing and reducing their stress and anxiety levels.  This will aid them in dealing with life on life’s terms without resorting to picking up a drink or drug.  Addicts and Alcoholics drink and use drugs for the effect.  The effect provides huge relief from internal conflict. Mindful Fitness is a healthy and helpful way of providing the same effect without the disastrous or harmful consequences.  It also helps to foster positive thought processes and focus the mind with clarity and truth.  By implementing some form of Mindful Fitness into daily life, the individual will reap huge emotional, mental and physical benefits. Keeping the mind and body healthy is imperative in recovery.  The addict or alcoholic must adopt a completely different approach to living if they are to avoid relapse.

The Benefits of a Mindful Fitness Programme

During Mindful Fitness the individual will be merging mental awareness with physical activity together and as one. The mind/body integration allows the individual to fully experience the present moment and set aside fears and anxieties. The physical aspect increases the ability to focus the mind on the body and on the sensations it is experiencing. In this heightened state of awareness, the individual is able to focus internally as oppose to what is happening externally.  They are calm and relaxed whilst their body exercises. Physical exercise releases endorphins, which are Mother Nature’s happy chemicals.  Endorphins calm and relax the mind and the body.  Mindfulness and meditation increase the effect.  By practicing a regular Mindful Fitness Program, the individual will be able to build a strong relationship with their authentic self.  The focus is taken away from the external and is shifted to the internal.  A higher state of consciousness is achieved, improving clarity of thinking, self-esteem and self-worth; reducing fears and worries associated to the material world.

Physically, aches, tension and pain are reduced as the body builds in strength and fitness. The exercise does not have to be exertive; Mindful fitness can be practiced during walking or any other gentle rhythmic exercise.  For those that enjoy a more challenging physical activity such as running, swimming or weight training, mindfulness can be implemented to enhance overall wellbeing.  Many Martial Arts incorporate Mindfulness to increase awareness, fluidity and focus.  By practicing a regular Mindful Fitness Programme the individual will overall feel calmer, healthier and be more productive. They will have more acceptance of themselves and an improved relationship with their body and its healing process. Mindful fitness can also resolve sleep problems and promote restful and refreshing sleep.  Many individuals who suffer from Addiction also suffer from a disruptive sleep pattern and insomnia. Mindful Fitness restores natural sleep, which in turn affects positively on the individuals mental and physical health.

Our Mindful Fitness Programme

For more information on our Mindful Fitness Program please contact us directly and ask to speak to a member of our clinical team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We positively promote Mindful Fitness as its benefits in treating addiction and mood disorders have been proven, and so we use it as part of our unique and highly effective holistic treatment program.

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