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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

Matthew D
19 Feb 2017
Very friendly, didn't feel like I wanted to leave like i have in other places. Comfortable safe enviroment for detox. Groups were available if needed and information shared was helpful. Overall I have nothing bad to say and have achived what I came here for.
Michael W
19 Feb 2017
my time in liberty house has gone quick and im now clean and sober and i can think with a straight happy to go home time here i have enjoyed and everyone has been really welcoming and friendly to me
Grant W
16 Feb 2017
The staff was friendly and it was a good introduction into a new and clean lifestyle. The one on one counseling was a large help as well as the group work.
Anita P
15 Feb 2017
Frist Person i saw when i arrived was Emna , Emna meet Ashleigh i was very woried about comeing in i was carying a lot Emna sorted out the doctor to come out to see me and sorted out with some tablets i was given a few min with Ashleigh before Emna sat down and went though the paper work but Emna leafed me to carry on with the paper work as i was was not in the right frame of mine.I found it hard to understand the paper work i was given as i am Dysleix . I was not shaw abount how the place worked at first but i was Bubbyed with Deb which deb happed me out a lot i sorted out doing my life story with Deb and helped me read it out , After my life story i was given my stage 1 paper with my book i looked at the paper and i new i could not be able to do it due to my Dyslexis so i went in to the office and told them about this so they gave me a diffent one to do which still found hard but hopefull Deb helped me fill it in and helped me read it out which i think went well i was then given my step Two paper of Mikey he asked me to look at it to see how i could cope with the paper i informed Mikey it would be to hard for me to do so he said that he would go though it with me . Mikey was on hoilday the folllowing week when i got up on the Monday i saw that i was on the list to do my Step 2 which i did not have ready as i thought i was going though it with Mikey.I went in to the office to let them no about my step 2 .The group meetings went ok i had only 1 one to one ,i was not very happy when Mikey came back we spoke after a group meeting and saild he would speak to me that day , on Monday i was not very happy with this so i decided to speak to the Manager Karen she was on the phone but said she well get back to me which she did i spoke to her rgarding my step 2 paper work and only have only one to one once which i was not happy about , Karen spoke to Mikey regarding this on the Tuesday i had a one to one and went though the step 2 paper work whiched helped me a lot. I have spoken to Karen after the meeting with Karen was gave me some good avice , I feel that there should me a bit more put in place for pepole ho have learning pro ( Dyslexie) lee was very good with the food and also the cleaner was very good with doing our washing all the staff have been very helpful i now need to start the hard work on the out side.
Dear Anita Thank you for your review and we appreciate your feedback. We take all feedback seriously and welcome the opportunity to improve our service wherever possible. We understand that everybody is different and we individually assess all client’s needs on arrival. For clients who require additional support with reading and writing we allocate a buddy to assist and provide one to one support from staff. We specifically tailor paperwork and the treatment programme dependent on individual needs. We also appreciate that it can be difficult when a focal counsellor takes annual leave but as you discovered, the whole team at Liberty House is there to support every client that come into our care. We wish you every success for the future. Best wishes, Liberty House
Ranjit B
15 Feb 2017
No complaints. Good induction the welcome was nice. I learnt alot and I am going to start going to meetings. I had good counselling sessions and I feel I have benefited from them.
Kerry S
15 Feb 2017
Ive been at Liberty House for just ten days for a detox and a restart/ refresher after a two week quite serious relapse after doing quite a few different rehabs over the past 5 years and completing 2 28 day programmes over the years. I come to Liberty House purely as they had a bed the day i needed it in total desperation. I have to honestly say this place has been the perfect recovery centre for me at this stage due to the staff treating me like an adult and not a child and have treated me with total respect. it is much more relaxed than other treatment centres which may not suit everyone but for someone like me that feels like i have been over therapied it has helped me immensely as there has been a lot of time to relax and reflect and not marched around like a prison camp. I wasnt in a very good place when i arrived and the addimision lady Emma was so kind helpful and reassured my family i was in good hands. My councillor Ian has been amazing he has helped me more in ten days than some of the treatment centres have never been able to get into my head The other councillors and key workers are kind, funny, approachable, helpful, knowledgable and very open to suggestions for change and improvement I also had total respect for Lee (the chef) both for his help, interaction with the clients and for TOP TOP quality food I love the way everyone mucks in and fortunately we have had a house full of extremely good peers. Thank you guys. if this saves my life then i am forever in your debt !!!!
Michael W
15 Feb 2017
all staff great for helpfull
Alex G
15 Feb 2017
Staff were great, learnt alot over my 28 days and looking forward to a new happy life, thanks to the staff again to getting me through this tough time.
Geoffery C
14 Feb 2017
I've been in Liberty House for 2 months, started with one month and extented to two months. I've found the work structure of one to one counselling and the 12 step Programme very beneficial in helping my recovery. The staff were very helpful and I have no complaint about the time i spent here.
Deborah S
12 Feb 2017
Liberty House has the potential to be an excellent centre for rehabilitation. The accommodation can (I think?) hold up to 20 clients so quite a large group of people, with some much needed building modernisation the facility itself is a pleasant detached house and is in a nice part of Luton opposite a park. The therapists and staff I cannot fault as any worries I had were resolved and I feel they provided a clear understanding of the programme, One area of concern is the under staffing, for a centre of this size there is not enough people to cope with needs of all the clients. overall a positive experience of Liberty House.
Hi Deborah, All the things you have mentioned have been improved since this review. We hope you're doing ok. Please come back and let us know how you are getting on.
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