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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

08 Mar 2021
Liberty House Clinic has undoubtedly saved my life. I am very glad I finally made the difficult decision to enter treatment for my addiction, and I couldn't have chosen a better provider. Staff are professional, courteous, approachable and caring, and the program of treatment is very well structured. I feel confident going forward, and in my ability to remain sober, and I can now genuinely say that I have hope for the future.
08 Mar 2021
when i first arrived here i was really anxious however i was welcomed very well and managed to settle in well. the staff have been excellent with helping me control and deal with handling my emotions and realizing how to function better within a group situation. also to help me realize that i wasn't alone in how i felt. this was due to the help from the Councillors throughout my time here. i am leaving with a different state of mind and i feel that i am ready to take on any challenges that i will face without being in a safe environment. i want to say thank you to all the staff here at liberty house and to everyone who has helped me alone this journey that i have undergone here. The staff have been very welcoming as well and have always been there when i needed to talk regarding anything and have helped me with my issues and i really feel that they have sup[ported me and given me the best chance to continue my recovery and given it the best start.
07 Mar 2021
The staff at Liberty House Clinic, I am confident to say, have been the biggest part in my life saving treatment. I have been in a very dark place for a very long time but today I do not have to worry about that. Today I am going to sleep sober, confident that I have done everything I can to set myself up for a productive day tomorrow. I have been helped by my councilor, Julie, who went above and beyond any contractual duties to advise me on my move into secondary care. She has also stayed behind after work on more than one occasion to support me emotionally when I was struggling with how to deal my emotions. All of the support staff, housekeeping, catering and maintenance staff know exactly where they are working and each and every one of them are willing to drop everything for a client in need. I have seen this several times and experienced it first hand from Matty, one of the most excellent chefs and kind men, Angela the thorough housekeeper and very friendly person and Terry who has a great sense of humor and can carry a power drill a good five miles a day! Only kidding Terry! (We know you wouldn't dream of putting that much mileage on your boots.) We aren't here for a holiday, we are here for the most important treatment we are likely to receive in our whole lives. Liberty House Clinic and every single member of staff, subcontractor, agency worker and volunteer have given me the chance to live a life worth living and I will take what I have learned here with me and try each and every day to apply it to my life. If I am very lucky Rosie will be employing me in no time! Thank you, all of you.
06 Mar 2021
Excellent therapist and gained so much from it, I feel i have a programme to return home to and set me on my way.
04 Mar 2021
on arrival i was initially very anxious but was soon greeted warmly by staff and peers who made me feel comfortable and at ease, the therapists and support staff are very helpful and were practically at my beck and call for what ever situation also the accommodation was very clean which are cleaned daily also the food and chef/chefs was great meeting your every needs i.e vegaterian/vegan/halaal etc which was cooked from fresh everyday overall a great experience
Adam P
03 Mar 2021
A strong recovery rehab. Facilities are basic but i am not on holiday. Learnt a lot regarding myself, worked through some personal issues and learnt more about my addiction. I have an extensive care plan and feel i am ready to move forward in my life. For a no thrills but effective rehab this is what you need.
24 Feb 2021
Met expectations. Would highly recommend this centre for people suffering with addiction. Very happy with journey. Supported through what is a difficult journey. Challenged my positive and negative thoughts, behaviors and patterns appropriately and professionally. Accommodation wise = isn't the Ritz, old un-loved infrastructure, however is more than sufficient. Food is on a par easily with the Ritz. Staff are professional, approachable and experienced. They show good integrity and communicate well. Often they go above and beyond their call to help and assist. This has been hugely re-assuring and creates a comfortable secure environment for rehabilitation.
24 Feb 2021
I was in general happy and satisfied with my treatment in most cases. Could have done with some more one-to-one sessions with the therapist. The place needs renovation and more frequent cleaning. There should be some noise control in the main living space as things get too loud. Both staff and peers were lovely and friendly. Some further control could have been practiced in some of the therapy sessions when some people took more control than others. Thanks for the experience xx
Andy Thomas
23 Feb 2021
I stayed at Liberty House for drug addiction. I was nervous at first but the staff made me feel welcomed and the process, my stay, the treatment, methodology (12 steps/CBT) were all explained clearly. The facility and cleanliness at Liberty House was brilliant; this relates to the rooms, food and treatments areas. I am pleased with my progress and feel confident I have been given the tools to now face the "real world". THANK YOU
23 Feb 2021
i have enjoyed my time here and have no bad comments,only good ones.staff have been amazing and helpful in every way.
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