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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

26 May 2022
Highly recommend this place for anyone, Counselors and Support team are on point 10/10 friendly and they do not only hear, they listen and always want to provide all the best support they can. The house itself needs a bit more work e.g beds, pillows etc. However, my all in all experience at Liberty house was outstanding 9/10 . Well done Liberty house keep up the good work!
26 May 2022
The therapy and support from the staff is incredible, they have helped me begin my journey in sobriety with confidence. Not only have they done this they have supported me in moving onto sober living where I will continue to get support and therapy for the future. The time here has allowed me to become a better version of myself and gain confidence to become a better member of society when I return to the community. I now have the tools to be able to be aware of any triggers that might make me want to turn to using drink/drugs again and so long I commit myself to the programme and fellowship I now have my life back and family and can go on to support myself and loved ones. Thank you Liberty House! My counsellor Janette has been beyond incredible and I look forward to staying in touch with her at the AfterCare sessions which I am looking forward to attend now that I have completed my time at Liberty House. Would highly recommend this Rehab to anyone who is suffering with addiction and wants to get better.
Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys - A Dodgy Business Model Is Redeemed By Great Staff, And A Community-minded
24 May 2022
Whilst Liberty House offers great value for money for those recovering from various addictions, and coming to terms with various personality disorders which may underpin these addictions, their community-based model has its cons. Budgetary restrictions place their incredible on-site staff under immense pressure. Nobody who works full-time at the centre itself is in it for the money. They work there because they care passionately about healing and recovery for their clients, but their passion and commitment is compromised by the financial model which underpins the business - and don't forget that they are indeed a business; a private model where somebody up the chain is profiting, at the expense of its staff and paying customers. Like many residential rehabilitation centres, there are frequent repeat customers; one might assume that despite client recovery being a primary aim, the danger of relapsing is built into the business model. Let's talk about the positives; this is mainly the staff. The core therapists believe in tough love, softened by a community-based approach, where customers are asked to share much of the workload of recovery. This puts the staff under intense pressure. They collectively have to fight for tiny increases to their working budget. Much of the equipment in the centre is broken, old, faulty and in need of replacing; don't expect a good night's sleep. The beds and furniture are worse than you might find in an open prison, and sometimes this is what - in my experience - many customers grumble about. But the staff make do, despite this; the remarkable chef, Gareth, has to spend his own money on equipment; sometimes he brings in his own. If he is not there, the food is crap; he, however, turns mediocre food into brilliant meals, which was one of the saving graces of my experience. All the core therapists were brilliant at their jobs, and put in the hours and dedication to the clients they serve; I owe a particular debt of gratitude to Jeanette, Jade, Brendan and John Port. I cannot praise the support staff enough; an incredible team, from top to bottom; from the cleaners and builders, to management. Their service was exemplary, in very difficult circumstances. Some of their house rules are almost impossible for their customers to understand and decode, so there's a hell of a lot of confusion for the entire community - staff and clients. Hopefully this will be redeemed by the tenure of their new manager, Sally - but her work is cut out! I wish her and her support staff all the best in their jobs, especially Gosha and Justine, but it's wrong to name a few; this is a great team all around. Ultimately, I owe Liberty House a debt of gratitude for saving my life, and the lives of hundreds of people. The reviews on this page are bound to confirm my experience is not unique. At the least, your loved ones will come out of their treatment in a much better state of mind, body and spirit then when they arrived. Like any rehabilitation process, it's a question of horses for courses; this follows the Alcoholics Anonymous model, which is severely in need of an update; like the bible many clients mistake it for, it was written a long time ago. Nevertheless, therapists are very well trained. In my short stay, I learnt to challenge and update many of my core beliefs. I learnt about a variety of therapeutic models, from transactional analysis, to CBT, DBT and more, which will serve me well in my future adventures on the wheels of steel. If you are a drug user, or a caring relative in desperation, I recommend Liberty House. It's seven times cheaper than the Priory! Your loved ones will be grateful beyond measure when you leave the clinic a changed person. But I do wish whomever is profiting from this private model stops hoovering up the meagre profits, and begins to invest in the centre, beginning with pay rises, budget increases, and a massive overhaul. The centre is direly in need of entire refurbishment; otherwise it will lose staff, and lose business, in years ahead. Finally, despite the corner-cutting, it's a happy family there. Your loved ones will come out shiny and freshly-polished, with the tools to beat their respective addictions, and a new family to support them in recovery. Thanks to all at Liberty House for changing my life - for the better, and hopefully for the rest of my life.
Steven Gall
23 May 2022
Liberty house is a very good treatment centre for addiction. It runs on the bases of the 12 step programme but offers so much more. The addition of calming breathing techniques, meditation and yoga which are all important for calming the mind body and spirit to embrace change. Thanks
22 May 2022
I cant thank the staff enough for their help and support throughout my detox and rehab. they were polite, professional and extremely friendly from day one and treated me with dignity and respect. The councilors(some being recovering addicts themselves) were very understanding and knowledgeable. The groups were informative and at times enjoyable. The accommodation is satisfactory and could do with a facelift(mattresses and bedding especially) however all your basic needs are met. The food could be healthier but the chefs are very good and do their best with the resources they have available. the option to order food from the outside on occasion would be nice. Overall i have found my time at Liberty house to be extremely positive and feel i am now equipped to manage my addiction going forwards. They have saved my life.
20 May 2022
The staff at liberty house are incredible! I have made progress far beyond my expectations. They will always go above and beyond to insure you take as much as possible fro the programme . The only downside is the standard of the accommodation, which is very substandard.
Rafal OC
19 May 2022
My stay at Liberty House was an amazing life transformation experience. I know that if would of possponned my using for little longer i would be facing death.I got so much from this place, life was throwing curve balls in the last weak and with the counselers support and the people support from the groups was there when i needed it. I feel that i have grown so much over here, as much as i didnt want to come here at the end was time to leave ands i fely very empotional to leave because this place felt like being home. Fully recommend from the bottom of my heart.
Gary Lockyer
12 May 2022
overall satisfied with my treatment
12 May 2022
The experience at Liberty House was amazing, the staff were extremely kind and supportive which helps to make the process that much easier. If you you come in with an open minded approach and a willingness to engage with the group therapies you will gain more from your experience. Some very fond memories and can't thank all the clients and staff for the tremendous support through my recovery journey at Liberty House.
Rhys Boylan
07 May 2022
theyre all great here, really enjoyed my time with everyone including the staff and I have already recommended liberty house to multiple old friends who should really grasp and opportunity like this with both hands. I have to give special regards to Costas and Jeannette because without them i genuinely think I wouldnt of adapted to this new mindset. amen
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