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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

24 May 2021
Overall my treatment has been exemplary, both councillors and staff have been excellent. i truly believe i have received the best treatment that is available and also believe the experience has been life changing for me. The food during my stay has been plentiful and delicious and whilst the accommodation could do with a spruce up this pales into insignificance in relation to the care i have received.
Di Cooper
24 May 2021
Liberty House has educated me about my addiction, supported me throughout my (albeit short ) journey and given me the tools to carry this forward to the outside world and, at long last, live a happy, fulfilling and alcohol-free life.
24 May 2021
I really enjoyed my time here - its my first stay in a overnight rehab so i didnt really know what to expect but was made to feel welcome, made some good friends, and the staff were great at their respective jobs. It's given me the toolkit to kick on with the next stage of my life so I thank everyone here for everything they have done.
21 May 2021
Would to thank all stuff at liberty House Clinic
21 May 2021
Liberty House was very supportive and the staff team where excellent. If I needed anything they where always there to help day or night. The therapeutic programme was also very beneficial. The community in the house with the other residents was brilliant, everyone supported and helped each other through their treatment. I am so pleased I picked to go to Liberty house, I believe it saved my life.
21 May 2021
very welcoming place, i would highly recommend it to anyone suffering with an addiction, 5star rating for me
John C
20 May 2021
Thank you to Rosie and the team for providing a superb experience. Having been to other treatment centers and community detoxes/rehab I can safely say this is head and shoulders better than anything I've experienced yet. A number of things stand out. 1. Experience and Empathy of counsellors. 2. No nonsense approach from the counsellors. They are not scared to provide some sobering data on recovery that helps create the sense of urgency and commitment required for a successful and lasting recovery. And the consequences of failure. 3. Scope of the program. Liberty House IMHO do 2 or three things really well rather than ten things averagely. This means that the ground work for recovery is deeply ingrained and reinforced daily. 4. The power of the group. Whether I was lucky in my timing or not (potentially being a moot point in any event) the group dynamic was fantastic and provided genuine insights, learning, compassion and love. This 'vibe' has continued despite the 'recycling' of leaving and new clients to the service. Top marks around the therapy and well done. In an ideal world some of the tertiary items relating the property itself would be resolved - namely a bit of a upgrade to some of the appliances and whilst very difficult resolving the shower issue (it squeals, loudly). However, as I am here for treatment the quality of the property/fittings is immaterial in comparison to the quality of the treatment itself). Thanks again to the team :-) I feel prepared for my onward journey in recovery. John
Karen Butt
19 May 2021
The staff here are excellent and really look after you, the chef Carlos will always provide alternatives if you have any dietary requirements. There is a real team feeling here and a lot of support in therapy sessions.
19 May 2021
the treatment was very good and very rewarding Staff fanatic and helpful always no matter what. i fell ive been given the tools to a new future start moving
Brenda Frewin
16 May 2021
I have enjoyed my time spent at Liberty House and have certainly felt the benefits of my treatment. Food is excellent and everyone works well as a team and during my stay all residents supported each other.
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