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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

David Jones
30 Mar 2018
Before coming to Liberty House I had experienced alcohol problems for many years. Various attempts to address the problem were tried and failed. I feel that the care and treatment I have received at Liberty House has not only allowed me to detox but has set me on the right path to recovery.
Paul Keaney
29 Mar 2018
before coming here i was an addict to one thing or another for nearly 32 years. staff and councilors have helped me to understand where my issues arose and how to begin to deal with them.staff are excellent. the stone in weight i put on is testimony to how good the food is. i proberly owe them my life
27 Mar 2018
Thank you for helping me believe in myself again and given me the tools to help aid me in my recovery. All staff were caring and really know what there doing as well as knowing whats going on with me
27 Mar 2018
I was a bit nervous when i first came here thinking this place is not for me, and spent the first 3 days in my room wishing i was back at home. But the a few of my peers gave me a push and told me to try to engage in process groups, meetings and other therapeutic activities. This was the best thing i could of ever done and soon realised that detox on its own cannot fix the addict. I learned that it is addictive behaviour that leads a person to re-lapse. Working hard within the 12 step programme and engaging with councillors i now believe that i can can move on one day at a time and complete my 12 steps with a sponsor out in the community.
Dilip Vansia
25 Mar 2018
Great experience and Great Staff
23 Mar 2018
When I arrived at Liberty House a month ago, I was broken, bruised and in withdrawal from heroin. During my stay at Liberty House, I was medically detoxed from heroin and have taken part in the treatment programme which I can honestly say has saved my life. Since my stay in Liberty House, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge about my addictions and valuable insight which I believe will guide me as I march forward in my new sober and clean life. The staff here have been incredible; supportive and kind, treating me with the utmost respect and dignity. I have received counselling at times I have needed it, allowing me to discuss issues as they have arisen, and this has given me a good starting point in which to continue therapy when I get home. The facilities are nice and clean and comfortable and I have actually enjoyed my stay despite the arduous task of getting clean! I really owe the staff here at Liberty House a debt of gratitude, and I shall never forget the chance they have given me at a new life free from drugs and alcohol.
Big A
23 Mar 2018
LTH has saved my life, i have just completed the 28 day Detox/Rehab treatment and i feel that i am not the same person that came through the door 28 days ago. The councilors are absolutely brilliant and the treatment centre is run by a lovelly lady called Rosie who was their when ever i needed any extra help/support. i would highly recommend LHC to any one who is living in a life of addiction and wants to get proper help/treatment then this is the place that could save your life. Thank you to all staff/councillors and most of all the MD at LHC. Love from Big A
23 Mar 2018
The care I received was exactly what I needed, with friendly, attentive staff, good healthy food all provided in a clean, safe and professional environment
23 Mar 2018
i thank liberty house and staff with the upmost respect as it made a huge impact on me and my loved ones in life.the method of treatment and the amazeing work of the staff which has shown me the light again which did not exsist for me before my stay.many thanks again
23 Mar 2018
the last 2 weeks at LH has been a real eye opener, understanding the illness of alcoholism and addiction and being able to discuss and chat about the problems ive had with my peers and physiotherapists has definitely given me the tools to own and tackle the problems with Alcohol i've had in the past. Thank you
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