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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

Paul Davies
20 Sep 2020
had a pleasant stay was very happy with staff food accomadation and will stay in touch now im clean and souber
19 Sep 2020
very happy with my treatment and feel that the staff here are top class and very friendly and open to any needs anyone might have and they try their best to accom specific needs ill always be grateful for the rest of my life
18 Sep 2020
All the staff at Liberty House Clinic are very friendly, experienced and approachable. The changes in my behaviour and mindset and the education i have received is amazing, they provided me with the best tools i needed to achieve long term recovery.
10 Sep 2020
The staff at liberty house are of the absolute professional qualty form the support staff to the therapist. Rosie the Manager maintains the highest quality of service possible ,she creates such a comfortable and assertive feeling to clients. The therapists are very determined in their approach to success for recovery for clients, the support staff and trainee therapist Costas is amazing and will go on to rescue many people from addiction. Tony, stephen, damien and goesha and the catering staff were amazing in supporting mine and other clients rehabilitation, My needs for dietary and religious requirements were met by Joannne and Carlos to a very high standard. Angie the If Rosie had a refurbishment to the property given to her there are no angles liberty house could not satisfy. They have prepared me with the tools to recovery.
06 Sep 2020
My treatment in Liberty House as been most beneficial, in knowledge, understanding, support, guidance to continue in my sobriety with the 12 step program. I have much more of an understanding about my addiction on how to go forward with my future, being clean & sober. My acceptance & willingness, trust & faith within the staff has given me great confidence. It's not been an easy process to go through, but I am extremely grateful that I persevered & committed myself to the program. I am definitely going to use the tools that have been taught to me, as I am aware this can not been done alone. ie: 12 step, step-work, service, recovery. I would highly recommend this to any addict or alcoholic suffering.
Lisa P
06 Sep 2020
I received excellent treatment, the therapy & counsellors really understood about my alcohol problems, and what was so good most of the staff are all in recovery themselves.
06 Sep 2020
All the staff at Liberty House Clinic are professional, experienced and approachable. The changes in my mind set and the way I look at my current situation has changed significantly, providing me with the best sense of empowerment to achieve long term recovery than I ever known.
Danielle Knowles
06 Sep 2020
Staff easy to talk to food amazing. Therapy sessions really helped me to prepare myself for getting my life back on track and also the fact we have support even after we leave. Highly recommended
Dougie B
02 Sep 2020
during my journey here at liberty house, i don't think I could fault the staff or the service one bit, all of it has been amazing, and i cant explain how beneficial it has been for me, and how much i have changed, in general and my confidence, i have learned so much here, and will carry all of these tools with me on my recovery. I came in here 3 weeks ago due to my abuse of cocaine and alcohol, and i feel like a completely different man now, and i am hoping in the future to return as a support worker, and share my experience and journey with others, and help others as they have helped me.
01 Sep 2020
every one of the staff were amazing
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