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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

11 Dec 2018
10 Dec 2018
I found LHC a safe environment with professional staff who are well trained and equipped with various professional qualifications and abilities to help explore your addiction/s and set you on a solid initial path to continuing recovery on leving the centre. The non judgemental environment created by the staff allowed for you to challenge and be challenged in your behaviours and thoughts, creating awareness of the cycles and triggers that lead to your disease. Following the 12 step programme is incorporated into other areas of neuroscience and addictive behaviour. The introduction to DBT was informative and the clinic seems to always try to incorporate various methods towards rehabilitation and understanding to create new structures and behaviours into your life that break or create new ways to build your life towards abstinence.
10 Dec 2018
My stay at liberty house as been very nice ive enjoyed my time here and am very thankful for all of the support from staff and piers , i feel a new man and have faith in the programme of the 12 steps
09 Dec 2018
My Rehab at Liberty House has been a success in my opinion but it is only the beginning of my journey in discovering how I feel without the use of Alcohol, and learning to deal with those feelings. All the treatments at Liberty House have made me feel as if I can now implement them and cope with feelings and everyday life without misuse of Alcohol
Mike Alloy
07 Dec 2018
My stay in Liberty House has been both extraordinary and rewarding. It is a great environment to start a journey of recovery in. The staff are hard working, caring and friendly, and because of their effort Liberty House is a successful clinic. Throughout my stay my struggles have been noticed and the staff have offered help and support whenever necessary, which has made me feel safe and able to recover. It has been without a doubt a worthwhile experience.
Mike Alloy
07 Dec 2018
My stay at Liberty House has been an outstanding and rewarding experience in my adult life. I feel more sane, more strong and more prepared to cope with and understand my life situation. I have had many challenges throughout my stay but also enjoyment. I have found the staff to be hard working, dedicated and friendly, and they have taken note of when I was struggling and have made efforts to help me change my unhelpful behaviors. This has made Liberty House feel like a safe place to start a journey of recovery.
06 Dec 2018
This journey into my recovery has been such a wonderful and uplifting experience, i never thought a life of sobriety for me was possible until about 2 weeks into my rehabilitation. I could not function without substance, my self esteem was non existent and my life was falling apart by the seams. The 12 Step Program is outstanding I would recommend this treatment center to anyone that has had enough of their insane and uncontrollable addiction, as long as you put as much effort in that is physically and emotionally possible, you can overcome any addiction!!! You will learn so much about yourself!!
03 Dec 2018
I would like to thanks EVERYONE at Liberty House to have showed me the way to live a life full of possibilities... free and liberated from addiction!!! The eternal journey, as I know it... STARTS NOW!!! THIS IS THE BEST GIFT I COULD HAVE EVER GIVEN TO MYSELF. Ax.
Seray Aliriza
30 Nov 2018
The Hardest choice Ive ever had to make by coming to Liberty House, Yet the best thing Ive ever done. Treatment here has been fantastic, a real eye opener for me. I came in here with little expectations yet im leaving here in the most positive form. Ive never felt so confident and clear minded and i just want to thank All the staff for all their support in making this happen. As mad as it sounds i will miss this place. Thank you for giving me a new lease of life!
Michael I
27 Nov 2018
as crazy as this may sound, im going to miss this place!! i came into treatment emotionally and spiritually bankrupt and a broken man. im leaving feeling better then i have in over 6 years. ive been given the tools to go back into society and be the person i was before i fell into the abyss of addiction. the staff here have been exceptionally helpful and the groups have helped me massively. engaging in the program here is what has made me realize alot of things about myself. im ready to go back out into the world and engage in the Twelve Step program and finally start living rather then just existing. I would like to thank everyone at Liberty House for everything they have done for me, without these people i do not know where i would be today.
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