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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

03 Feb 2022
Firstly, thank you for giving me a great start on my recovery. There are so many positive things about Liberty House. However, important things need to be addressed. See below - - A lot of renovation/equipment needs to be addressed LH eg. decor of rooms, showers, TV, better internet, new washing machines, more space for groups and much more. The website and the admission team need to be updated, pointing out that there is no acupuncture, tuck shop, trip to town on a Saturday, fitness etc. So I was disappointed on arrival that this was not even mentioned when talking to admissions. If anything they were selling the above to make LH more than just a rehab house. However, all of the above has been pointed out many times to Peter and the staff so hopefully for future residents this shall be resolved. The setting of LH is great and the daily walks around the beautiful park over the road has been a godsend, so a huge thank to the support staff. Huge thank you to Gareth for his delicious and amazing food. He works so hard and is so patient and accommodating to everyone. Finally thank you to the counsellors, Jeanette, Costas and Pablo for there time, the groups, their advice and help. I loved John's session, yoga, mediation and sound therapy so much and eager to continue such tools on the outside. I wish I had more one to one time with Costa as we only managed 2 full ones and 2 short sessions. I realise how busy you all are but an extra counsellor may be needed. I hope, also, that better procedures are in place to make sure if a person, who feels very uncomfortable with the person they are sharing a room with, who feels unsafe, unhappy, scared of their roommate to provide them with an alternative plan rather than having to move to another place. To have a spare single room available in LH for such emergencies so they feel safe for the rest of their stay. It has been so hard for me to share a twin room a person who scares you, is aggressive, rude and inconsiderate behind those doors. Yes, I take responsibility for not asking for help every time it happened but thank you Jeanette for trying to sort it all out. Alas this is what I shall remember most from my stay. However, the other peers in the house have been fantastic, a great group of like minded people who have supported me through me journey and I through theirs. A group setting is essential and is one of the most important parts of recovery that LH offers, so thank you so much.
02 Feb 2022
The journey has been difficult and painful but also "magical". I am grateful for the support, guidance and boundaries. It took a while but I was assured that I was safe and after a while I felt safe. I felt accepted and understood by the staff even when I struggled to understand myself. Most of all, I am able to feel a connection with my heart again which had been closed for a long time. Grateful and humbled Thankyou
01 Feb 2022
Thank you to Liberty House for all the support I have recieved since I've been here Costas and Jeanette have been fantastic and I have really enjoyed my stay here and come out a much better person.
31 Jan 2022
very satisfied with the way I was treated, it has been very professionally. Thank you
28 Jan 2022
Thank you everyone for the help I have received. I appreciate everything that was done during my stay.
27 Jan 2022
in all was very good, councillor was amazing couldnt have asked for a better person. however the food was very hit an miss. not enough food between meals to snack on and ran out of things very quick. house keeping was very poo rooms are very dirty hooved once a week but not to good standard. skirting boards filthy never been cleaned. bins hardly emptied and bed never washed. part of the activities were not on due to covid which i understand but didnt state on website regarding this so felt ive paid to much for a service. clinical staff can be very rude and not helpful at times and made you feel very small in some cases. biggest thing for me being in recovery for the last 5 years is this is a 12 step rehab but no meetings, regardless of covid i feel more could have been done to introduce people to meetings. my last rehab was mandatory every night you had a meeting to attend.
25 Jan 2022
Thanks everyone for the help I have had. I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me. Clients have been very supportive as well.
Jamie Pole
21 Jan 2022
very good service.Councilling second to none.
Sama Lomuro
18 Jan 2022
I came into Liberty House at the end of 2021 due to struggling with depression and anxiety that led me to the path of becoming alcohol dependent. Although I had managed to stop drinking alcohol just over a month prior to admitting myself into the Clinic, I knew that there was a great possibility that I could fall back into old habits. I was anxious, nervous and overwhelmed in my thoughts of the unknown. These thoughts/feelings very soon faded away more a less immediately after my arrival. I was greeted by very warm and friendly staff and clients. This made me automatically feel a sense of relief and allowed me to relax and be myself. The, what I feel to be well constructive and well constructed programme, scheduled for us at the clinic I found to extremely beneficial be very. For xample, the morning meditation I found very helpful. Starting the day in a positive state of mind in order to deal with the course of the day is just one of the things I will be incorporating into my daily routine outside of Liberty House. The routine and discipline in our daily schedules was a great plus, as it restored structure to what had become an unmanageable way of living. Those are just a couple examples of what I have gained. I am leaving here with the tools and knowledge of what I need to do in order to maintain sobriety and have regained the strength, spirit and wholeness within to be able to be the person I was once before, well the new improved version, before being controlled and consumed by my addiction. I will forever be grateful to all those whom shared my journey with me here at Liberty House. It has been a life changing experience. For anyone who is reading this and is in doubt, I really to recommend you take that leap of faith and embark on this life altering experience.
Jack Curran
14 Jan 2022
I completed my treatment here in the end of 2021 - 2022 (28 days), I entered this center as a nervous, anxious young man with no confidence and no life aspirations as drugs had took over and i was unable to feel anything but the negatives from life. Leaving here i have the tools to deal with all my emotions and with the best knowledge about the fellowship. I understand i will be vulnerable leaving but i really feel i have changed a hell of lot in every way possible from knowing my triggers to how to work the steps and the fellowship. I could not of done it without the support staff here, they have been great unless i played up now and then. (that my fault) However i could not of done it without Costas/Jeanette/Pablo and Pete they are great counselors and have the experience and knowledge to help you in every area you maybe struggling. You cant buy there experience !! Jack Curran
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