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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

30 Sep 2017
At Liberty House, I was warmly welcomed and very quickly felt at home; the staff and peers were all very friendly. Information was always readily available. The program was very challenging but very fulfilling and has largely prepared me for recovery. I realize that I still have hard work to do on the outside but feel ready to take it on.
David T
29 Sep 2017
I have found the program soul searching enabling me to look at myself as before i never , its inspired me to live a much better life than i had before to feel more comfortable with myself and surroundings i am now aware of my addiction that i wasn't aware of before i would like to thank the whole team for making all this possible
29 Sep 2017
Thank you to all the support staff and counsellors at Liberty House, i came here as a last resort to beat my drug addiction and i am leaving a different person. The treatment here as been great and i can honestly say that all the staff have been brilliant. They are all very well trained and experienced. Kind, caring and friendly. I truly believe that my treatment has saved my life and i would highly recommend anyone who needs help to come to Liberty House. Special thanks to Matt and Emma who have been a great help in my recovery.
27 Sep 2017
Thank you to all of the Support Staff and Counselors at Liberty House. The treatment that I received has been excellent and the staff outstanding - friendly and caring whilst at the same time professional and challenging. I truly believe that my treatment here has saved my life and certainly rescued my sanity after a long, long, tiring battle. Special thanks to Stephen, Richard and Costas (and Georgina - the world's best chef!). They are a true credit to UKAT and I can't recommend Liberty House highly enough if you are in need of any of the treatments that are on offer. Thank you!
27 Sep 2017
I feel well prepared. I would recommend Liberty House Clinic.
Dani Court
23 Sep 2017
Liberty House is an excellent rehab. I received all the support and help I needed. All the groups are really well organised and I feel so much more positive.
23 Sep 2017
A fantastic learning experience. Intense group therapy. Excellent food when Georgie is on! lot of ups and downs but the end product is powerful.
Adam Rodell
21 Sep 2017
Tough Journey but worth it, The staff were amazing and really got what they could out of me. Thanks to All
Ben Parton
20 Sep 2017
Came to liberty house a broken man, walking out of here after 28 days a new man. Fantastic staff and peers. Appreciate all the hard work and time put into change me as a person. Even the kitchen staff went that extra mile to cook what i liked as i'm a fussy eater so thank you all very much for making my road to recovery a stress free one.
Hendrix A
19 Sep 2017
I came into Liberty House initially for a 10 day detox, but after seeing fellow peers leaving and how much they had changed I knew that i needed the 12 step teachings. I booked for a further 18 days totaling 28 days. This was the Best decision of my Life, I have been battling my illness for the past 38 years and had been to countless detox centers along with non residential Re habs. Nothing had worked as i had always fallen back into active addiction the moment i returned home. The 12 step program has worked wonders for me and the 28 days clean time is the longest i have been clean in the past 38 years. The Program has saved my life and has given me the tools to live without the need for drugs and drink. All the staff have been ever so supportive and i would like to thank them individually. So a Big thank you Richard, Matt, Stephen, Emma, Rosie, Paul (i owe you everything Paul my good friend. you have given me such wisdom), Lee, Georgina and Sophia. Without your Support and teachings i would be Dead or Nearer Death right now. This was my Final chance at Recovery and I now have the tools to live life to the fullest. If you work it, it works! I am eternally grateful and will be keeping in contact with you all, as well as returning for Aftercare. Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart.....
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