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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

05 Jan 2018
Okay, the facilities were not up to my expectations but the treatment has definitely helped me massively on the road to recovery. The staff are exceptionally good at their jobs. Counselors had a very approachable but direct manner ie. Stephen, Sarah, Emi. the supports workers were very hard working and helpful ie. Jennet, illynete, Richard, Paul, Sophia, Lenny you were all amazing. The chefs, Eric and Georgina i cant thank you enough for all the amazing and lush food. Love you all xxx
05 Jan 2018
First time in any kind of professional care. Was at rock bottom and knew I had to make a change. Came to Liberty House not knowing what to expect. First week was seriously tough and I couldn't really engage at all. Then something started to change. Got closer to my peers and committed to the program. From then on I went from strength to strength. The staff have been brilliant, my peers have bee amazing. Such support and understanding. I'm leaving feeling stronger than I have in years with two new affirmations: Choose life. I approve of myself. Which I repeat dozens of times a day. Thankyou to everyone who has helped me to reach 28 days of sobriety. May there be many more months and years to come.
02 Jan 2018
I would like to thank all the therapeutic staff at Liberty House for their care and support during my time here. The re-hab programme has been a journey of self-discovery, often unsettling and overwhelmingly constructive, such that I feel ready and equipped to carry on my journey out in Planet Life. The complimentary therapies - yoga, sound and art - have all worked for me too, and it would be simply unfair to not mention the domestic staff (Erik, Georgina, Angie, Tony & Terry) for the kind wrap-around that they provided and who helped keep me in the present during my time here.
31 Dec 2017
Kay Carroll
28 Dec 2017
Everyone here at Liberty House has been amazing. The staff here have been wonderful and they are always available whenever you need a moment. My stay here for the last 28 days has been a rollercoaster journey for myself but thanks to all the staff here who have helped me through my journey. So I would like to say a Big thank you to all the staff here at Liberty House.
21 Dec 2017
I can't thank everyone here at Liberty House enough. The treatment I have received here over the 28 days is above and beyond anything I expected. I thank all the staff, particularly Rosie, Jenny, Emi, Ems, Jennet, Georgina, Angela and Eric. I have also made some amazing friends here for life! Thank you again so much.
21 Dec 2017
My sincere gratitude to Mrs Rosie O'Farrell for her true understanding, patience and support. In addition, I would like to thank my counsellor Emi for his superb and sensitive response to my situation. I would also like to thank Paul, Jennet, Sophia, Stephen, Georgina, and Angela for their kindness. I would like to have had more time with my counsellor. But the breakthrough I thought would never come, did arrive at Liberty House.
Dan Wapples
19 Dec 2017
Great place! This place has extended my life and I cannot thank the staff/counsellors for all the amazing advice and support that they have given me throughout my 28 day stay here. I have made some lifelong friends here also and could not recommend this place highly enough. I am now going to leave with the right frame of mind and in a much better place than when I arrived. Never will this place be forgotten! Thank you!
19 Dec 2017
Ive successfully completed my treatment in LIBERTY HOUSE and the staff were very helpful and amazing and would highly recomend it to anyone who would consider being in treatment.
Lee Findlay
19 Dec 2017
big love to liberty house, shown me how to go out and live my life
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