Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was found dead in her home earlier this week (early February 2017), and the news shocked the nation. While most people were aware of Tara’s former cocaine addiction and the fact that she had recently revealed she was struggling with a brain tumour, her death was described as sudden. The socialite and model had been out of the headlines recently and had appeared to call time on her partying days, preferring to stay at home instead.

However, reports are now circulating that she was still struggling with a cocaine addiction in the months prior to her death. A taxi driver has revealed that he heard Tara and a friend ordering cocaine over the phone as they headed home after an event late in 2016.


Tara had retreated from the party scene, but a source who spoke to the Mirror said, “She was on the phone to her dealer and arranged for him to meet at the home of her friend. She seemed familiar with her dealer.”

Nevertheless, close friend Ivan Massow, with whom Tara was previously described as being inseparable, said he had not seen her for over a month before she died. He added, “It’s been hard to reach her. With people like this, you have to let go with love. You can’t badger them.”

He explained that Tara had been struggling with getting older and that she often went ‘off radar’ to return to a ‘dark place’. Ivan said, “She was facing a lot of problems. It was very hard for her to stay off the drinking and things. And then there was lots of surgery around her mouth and bits and pieces. Her nose kept giving her problems. She was terribly conscious about that.”

Effects of Cocaine Addiction

Tara’s cocaine addiction led to the collapse of her septum, leading to surgery in 2006 to correct the problem. She had admitted to spending upwards of £400 per day on feeding her addiction. In 2010, she had to have further surgery on her nose but denied having returned to drug use.

In 2012, she was back in rehab (she was also in rehab in 1999) but insisted it was for getting treatment for depression and anxiety and not because she was once more in the grips of a cocaine addiction. In an interview with This Morning, Ivan said, “Then there was this [tumour] on top, so it was another worry. She was never comfortable becoming older. It was hard for her to see herself in that role and she was very frail.”


It has now been revealed that others had become concerned for Tara’s wellbeing in the months before her death. A friend said that the socialite’s appearance had changed in recent years as she had lost a lot of weight. Viktor Krrashi reported that she had a new boyfriend who was in his fifties and who he described as ‘difficult’.

Viktor said he saw Tara with her new man in the days before she died at the gastropub where he works. He added, “She stopped at the door and said ‘Hi’. She looked thin and ill, but she was always happy.”

Builders who were working in her apartment have said that Tara had been behaving strangely in recent days. One man who did not wish to be named said his friend had an encounter with Tara, adding, “He said she had come downstairs to talk to them and she was acting crazy. She was banging on the door. I don’t know what they were talking about.”

Beating a Cocaine Addiction

It is very difficult to overcome a cocaine addiction due to the intense cravings for the drug. Many of those struggling with this type of illness find it hard to break free, and the relapse rate is unusually high. Even years after recovery, sporadic cravings can occur, often out of the blue. This can cause a relapse for some people, particularly because the memories of the negative effects of the drug tend to fade with time.

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Source: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in ‘grips of cocaine addiction‘ just months before she died (Mirror.co.uk)